Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NECA TOYS Terminator Genisys T-1000 Review

NECA Terminator Genisys T-1000

If you have already watched Terminator Genesis you have an idea of all the characters that star in this movie.  I wasn't a huge fan of the entire movie, but there was some great parts that you can't overlook.  Some of the things I actually did like about the movie were the additional characters that were introduced. Genisys brought us a new/different T-1000. This isn't the iconic Robert Patrick version that we all know and love from T2. However, since T-1000's are shapeshifters it does make sense for them to have the forms of a different people. The T-1000 from Genisys is played by Byung-hun Lee. This character is pretty freaking awesome. The only downside is that the creators of the movie teased us big time and the character is hardly even in the movie. With that said, I won't let my gripes with the movie interfere with my review of this kickass figure.


- New Character
- Articulation
- Lots of accessories
- Excellent face sculpt/Accurate likeness
- Ability to customize with swappable chest pieces and body parts


- The spear doesn't stay snugly in hand so it only stays in without slipping out for certain poses such as a javelin pose.


The figure comes in the new resealable window packaging that NECA has been using for many of the lines now (such as Terminator, Robocop, etc.) The color scheme and art on the front and the back scream Terminator. The back features a quick bio of the T-1000 and also shows the other figures that are a part of this series of figures.


On a typical review for a figure we would normally separate the figure from the accessories. However, the accessories to this figure are so integral that we have decided to go over them together.

This figure comes with:

- 2 swappable chest/head pieces (1 regular and 1 battle damaged)
- Two extra hands
- A revolver and holster
- Damaged arm
- Liquid metal spear

The coolest thing about this figure is the swappable chest pieces. We had a blast playing around with this. With this new feature there are tons of more options for customizing the figure exactly the way you want them. As you can see from some of the pictures below, the heads can easily be switched out and mix/matched with whichever chest piece you would like to use.

I can't praise this new feature enough. NECA really thought outside of the box with this, and I hope that they should use this new feature more often in the future.


This figure is pretty awesome. I have pretty much ZERO complaints. I wish this character was in the movie for a little longer, but of course NECA can't control that. This figure shows us that NECA is using new and creative ways to come up with to display our figures just the way we like. NECA is often praised for their sculpts (which are awesome), but we need to give them major credit for the functionality and versatility of their figures as well. They just seem to continue to get better and better.

Even if you didn't like the movie this is a figure that every Terminator fan is going to want to get. Also, we only need to wait a little longer until his Ultimate T2 T-1000 counterpart comes out.

Remember, never drop your liquid metal spear because you never know who will pick it up!



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