Monday, July 20, 2015

NECA 25th Anniversary Darkhorse Predator Review

NECA Darkhorse Predator 

"They like the HEAT dammit, the SPORT. Leave 'em be and in two, three weeks they'll be gone.  Mess with them-and god only KNOWS what might happen."

The 25th Anniversary Darkhorse Predator is the first issue in the series featuring Dutch Schaefer's brother as a detective in NY.  I first read this comic young and engaged, realizing where the story was starting from after already watching the first Predator film.  The comic really relates to some of what the Predator 2 movie brought to the table in some of its scenes.  One thing is for certain, the Predator is brutal and a unique looking killer.  The comic issue ends on a dramatic note leaving you to wonder if detective Schaefer can actually handle this Predator.

The packaging is one of the most unique things NECA has brought to this figure.  It's ripped straight from the comic and given to us in its beautiful presentation inside and out.  The box interior provides a nice page directly from the comic giving a great reference to what the story line entails. The figure includes a perfect backdrop insert along with a mini version the original Predator comic, which is a must read if you haven't already.


The Darkhorse Predator has a very strong distinct look to match the cover art of the comic.  The paint applications are done very well all over his body to bring the comic character to life.  His back is a nice mix of black and red giving the look of the way the sun and light would be hitting his back during that moment in the comic.  His joints all move well and allow him to be posed with ease, and there were no issues when I removed him from the box.


The Predator's most unique accessory is the staff he has on the cover of the comic.  I was very excited for this specific piece to see how it would turn out.  He is able to hold the staff pretty well and the weight of the staff is fairly even.  He also comes with the Plasma cannon, and wrist blades which is standard depending on which Predator we are talking about. 


I have waited awhile to get the comic version I remember reading from Darkhorse.  With all of the success NECA's Predator line was having I knew this was eventually going to come up.  After seeing the figure almost a year ago and getting the final product in my hands has me very pleased. I love the point that NECA makes about giving us such well thought out figures and other items.  Not only are we getting these classic figures, but Randy even talks on Twitter about what others are interested in just in case there is one we haven't thought about.  The Predator line is great, and I hope we continue to get as many versions as possible.  

Product Sample provided by NECA

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  1. Great review man. I love this figure as well. You're photos turned out great!

  2. Thanks, dude! Appreciate that, we're glad you enjoyed them