Thursday, July 2, 2015

NECA Alien Compression Suit Dallas Figure Review

Compression Suit Dallas

Pink, is his suit really pink in the movie? Dallas is that guy from Top Gun, telling Maverick he flew with his dad.  OK for real, Dallas is another integral part of the first Alien movie that had all us wondering what else is really out there.  To think in the movie they were just going home, and had to check out a planet that really had an Alien homing beacon drawing them in.  I couldn't imagine a future working in space like the crew from Alien, let alone checking out uninhabited planets that no one really has any idea what's on them.  Would you have just kept your track home, or would you have stopped to check out what the beacon was from the planet?  I guess the crew followed orders, but in the end the majority lost their lives because of it.


Dallas has that classic Alien(s) packaging that NECA continues to use for these figures and it works great. The color scheme for his suit really stands out in the packaging, but what I love most about this figure is the head sculpt.  Tom Skerritt is a cool actor that was in a lot of movies I watch as a kid in the 80's.  His head sculpt is spot on for this movie and all of those other movies he was in when I was a kid.  It's very detailed and gives the perfect look of Dallas in his compression suit from Alien.


The Dallas figure itself is the same compression suit that was used for Ripley and Kane figure.  What makes each one of them unique is their movie accuracy and amazing paint apps that bring the figure to life.  As I mentioned before I think this is one of the best face sculpts NECA has ever done for one of its movie accurate figures.  He is also made well, bends easily and no issues with paint apps on the figure.  I know some people were originally concerned with the KANE figure and some of the paint apps that were a little sticky.  The new compression suit figures from series 4 don't have any issues with this at all.  I am happy to have this Dallas figure, all three compression suit figures just look spot on and work well together.


The accessories Dallas comes with are the same ones used for Kane.  Why is that you ask? Well, they are what was used in the movie, NECA isn't going to be giving Dallas a M-60 because in the movie all the characters had the same weapons to choose from.  I actually like the gun and the light that both Kane and Dallas come with, if you have seen the movie then most likely these accessories are close to your heart. 


Yes, I now have a white, pink, and yellow compression set crew.  Doesn't that sound awesome, to set these figures up and reenact the terrors of what Alien brought us?  I can't really say which compression suit figure I like the best as they are all unique in their own way.  I really enjoy the face sculpt on the Dallas figure, as well as the rest of the compression suit figures.  NECA really did an amazing job on Series 4 Alien, I would suggest picking up all 3 figures from this line if you haven't already!

Sample provided by NECA Toys

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