Friday, August 21, 2015

NECA TOYS 1954 Godzilla Figure Review


I have been waiting with much anticipation (for a loooooooong time) for both the NES Godzilla and 1954 Godzilla by NECA. They are both awesome in different ways, and it is impossible for me to pick one of them over the other. 

A few months ago Steve and I went up to Hillside, NJ to hang out at the NECA Studio with Randy and the rest of the crew. We saw lots of amazing things that day (most of which we can't speak about). When we were walking around the studio I spotted a loose '54 Godzilla. That was my first time seeing it in person, and it was love at first sight. Ever since that moment I have been saying repeatedly how bad I wanted to have it.

That brings me to how I obtained this figure when it's not out yet. Well, sadly, as many of you know my father passed away at the beginning of the month after a courageous eight year battle with Prostate cancer. I worked with my dad so I was lucky enough to see him every day. He wasn't just my dad, or my boss, but my role model and friend. Although, we knew for a long time that this day would come there is no way to really prepare for it. On Sunday, August 2 the time came to say goodbye. 

Naturally, I was crushed. My head started spinning as my mind raced from emotion to emotion. Luckily, I have a great family and friends who help me every single day to stay strong and keep going. Steve's father passed away six years ago due to Pancreatic cancer. He's been there before. He'll forever deal with the sting of losing his father way too soon just like I will. He has a been rock and great friend for me over the last few years and especially during this time. I appreciate it very much.

Not only have my family and personal friends been great during this time, but so have all of our online buddies and even complete strangers. Everyone knows some one who has been directly affected by cancer. The NECA crew especially knows all about it as one of their sculptor's (Kyle Windrix) brother, Craig, passed away last year due to stomach cancer.

One day on Twitter Randy put up a message sending condolences about my father, and the response was overwhelming. So many good people sent words of encouragement. People I didn't even know. The NECA community is more like a wacky family. It is isn't just about the awesome toys we all love, but about the friendships and relationships that have been built.

My first week back to work after my father's passing was a rough one. One day that week I came home from work and there was a package for me waiting at the door. I hadn't ordered anything so I wasn't expecting a package. I immediately opened it up to find a card from Randy Falk and all of the NECA crew as well as the 1954 GODZILLA! What a great surprise! While nothing can take away the sting of losing a parent, the fact that some one took the time to show compassion and make my day just a little bit brighter is a big deal. Randy knew that I have been eyeing this figure up for a long time. Randy is a great guy. Toys are cool and all, but at the end of the day I am happy to call him a friend. What started as a shared love of toys has turned into a true friendship. Thanks to Randy, the NECA crew, and the online community for supporting me during this difficult time.

I hope you've stuck with me to this point. Now, that I got that off my chest I will get to what you guys are waiting to see....the NECA TOYS 1954 GODZILLA!!!!!


The 1954 Godzilla is a classic and beloved icon. He comes in the standard clamshell packaging that all of the rest of the Godzillas have come in (excluding the NES Godzilla). It is simple, but the open clam shell enables you to take a good look at the figure before opening it up. And, yes, I am always in favor of opening your toys!!! Take them out, free them, and enjoy them!!!!! The back features a fantastic black and white photo of the figure.


This figure is freaking awesome. If you are not a fan of the Godzilla line then all I have to say is, it's not too late! Go out and buy the NES and the 1954 Godzilla immediately. The are extremely fun to look at, play with, and photograph. NECA nailed the details on this guy. From the eyes, to the dorsal plates, to the new feet this is a work of art. I am extremely happy that they did him in the black/white/grey color scheme...just like the black and white movie. He is roughly 12" head to tail and has many points of articulation (head, mouth, neck, arms, wrists, legs, feet, tail). 

You will all be extremely pleased once you get this guy in your hands. Not only is this a fantastic figure, but it will always have special value to me. I keep it right in front of me on my desk and whenever I look at him I think of my dad and the overwhelming level of support that has been shown to me by family, friends, and strangers. Thank you all. I am eternally grateful. 

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  1. That's a really cool figure! Great review!

    My condolences on the loss of your father. Great to see the NECA guys helping to ease your pain just a bit.