Wednesday, July 1, 2015

NECA Alien Ripley Compression Suit Figure Review

Compression Suit Ripley

Alien is a great movie that really started the trend for many Sci-Fi movies to come.  I can remember watching it in the 80's, as a very confused kid with a huge imagination.  At that time I believed something like this existed, just like the Predator.  Not all the movies I watched as a kid gave me this feeling, but Alien surely was one I had nightmares about.  The thought of the unknown is such a curious thing. There are no limitations to the imagniation when watching a movie like this. The compression suits work very well in this movie, and gave a distinct feel to the movie.  Are you ready to put on the suit and find out about Ripley?


The packaging is done well and continues with the Alien(s) theme NECA uses for their figures.  All of the Alien figures from Series 4 are very appealing to look at just in the choose which looks the best.  The alien egg art is always striking when I look at it...that feeling of what if I was wearing the compression suit and walking around these eggs, no thanks!  


The Compression Suit Ripley has very nice paint apps and sculpt to the figure.  The compression suits are all similar with Kane, Ripley and Dallas with nice color variation that brings you right into the movie.  Ripley's suit is mostly white with some nice highlights of grey and off white to give it more dimension and detail.  She also has the marking on the suit just like in the movie to keep that authentic look.  She moves well with ease and has a very nice face sculpt that NECA should be proud of!


Ripley comes with helmet, gun with 2 different muzzle tips on it just like in the's your choice.  The head needs to be removed in order to get the helmet on Ripley.  I tried a few different ways to put the helmet on with no luck and didn't want to break any pieces forcing it on.  The best thing to do is pull her head off and then place the helmet pieces and head back on.   This was a very simple process that will keep you from damaging your figure. Let's not forget the awesome Jonesy the cat, which is a great sculpt itself. 


Alien is a classic movie which was an absolute must to have figures created for it.  NECA has really brought all of this to life with 4 figures (2 Ripley's) and the Big Chap to recreate all of that horror and suspense the movie brings.  The figure poses well and stands out next to a lot of my other figures. I really think all 3 figures from series 4 are terrific figures that are made well with no real issues that I have experienced.  One can only wonder what wonderful Aliens things NECA has in store for us in the future! 

Sample Provided by NECA Toys

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  1. Thanks for the helmet/head removal tip! it was driving me nuts!