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NECA's 16 BIT Predator 2 City Hunter

NECA's 16 BIT Predator 2 City Hunter Review

I want to start this off with saying; NECA has truly tapped into a perfect line of vintage, video game action figures.  The line has really taken off since its start, and Randy and team from NECA toys keeps making these amazing figures.  The paint schemes to classic figures we already love and respect really adds pop to any NECA collector's collection.  Let's start breaking down one of my favorite Predators of all time, the CITY HUNTER!

First thing I noticed when I received this figure is the awesome box that comes with all of the video game line, but also the highlights and paint work of this beautiful predator.  The picture on the front of the box is one I will always have etched in my mind, as I think the City Hunter standing on a huge building with Bill Paxton's skull and spine is how the predator should be shown!  A lot of people dislike what the 2nd Predator movie brought to the table, but I loved his design and approach to being a killer in a city.  Unfortunately, we will never get a Danny Glover Harrigan figure but that’s a story for another day.


The packaging is the classic video game look, and Randy has also mentioned these figures will no longer come in the shrink wrap.  The City Hunter looks great MIB, and has a picture of the classic trophy wall and also a nice background for the figure. 


I have all 5 versions now of the iconic City Hunter.  This version is a very smooth moving, bending, gripping figure.  So you are asking… what the hell does he mean by that?  NECA has truly mastered the Predator mold, and the weapons and accessories that come with them.  I would love to sit here and say the arm doesn't bend well, or the legs are stiff, but this figure is clean and poses great with no issues.  He also comes with his classic disc, skull and spine, and his staff.  All parts and pieces are really done well and make this an awesome figure to have!


I love this figure, and not just because of my love for the character itself, but the look it gives you that's right out of the video game.  I think any collector is always looking for unique items and this one fits right into that category.  I believe Randy Falk and team at NECA work hard every day at creating things that we all wanted from our childhood and beyond.  It's truly awesome what NECA does on a daily basis and Randy Falk is probably the second most interesting person to talk to on twitter, behind us of course.  Seriously though, this is a great figure and a must buy if you love video games, predators, or just a true work of art. 

Yes, Predators do go to the bathroom

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