Saturday, June 13, 2015

Convention Exclusive NECA Toys Ambush Predator Review

Once again, NECA Toys punches us right in the nostalgia bone! Their latest work of art is one of their new Convention Exclusives, the Ambush Predator! He is based off the Kenner Toys Mail-Away action figure from the 90's. NECA has a certain knack for taking favorite toys from our childhoods and then re-making and improving them x100! Ambush has piercing green eyes and was a ton of fun to photograph.

Disclaimer: This is a Convention Exclusive, not SDCC. As we all know, when it comes to the internet you can't please everyone and some will always find something to complain about (even for really stupid things). On Twitter, there are actually some idiots complaining that Randy and NECA are going out of their way to make sure that EVERYONE, not just the few lucky enough to make it to Comic Con, will be able to purchase these items. I won't talk about this for long, but let's discuss a few points. One, if Randy didn't make this available for purchase through other means he would have A LOT of pissed off NECA fans who would be missing out on these figures. Two, this is good for all parties involved. This helps NECA sell a hell of a figure AND it makes their fans happy. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?!? So for those who are crying about this please shut up. You sound like idiots.


Ambush comes in the same great packaging that other Kenner inspired figures come in. By the way, if you haven't picked them up yet, I strongly suggest that you do. They're fun, look great, and will compliment your Ambush Predator perfectly. The file card is my favorite part of the packaging. See the up close picture posted below to read it.

Figure and Accessories:

This figure comes with quite a bit of accessories. Not only does he comes with the regular wrist blades on each hand, but he also comes with two big battle blades. The battle blades are what is new and different about this Predator. If that wasn't enough, he comes with a plasma caster and TWO different removable masks. One of them is chrome and one is painted. I really am glad to have extra masks because it gives me endless possibilities for posing him when I am displaying or photographing him. He looks cool all three ways, but I personally love the painted mask the best! I love those green eyes. NECA was even kind enough to include directions for those of you who don't have much of an imagination and can't figure out how to put on the masks or battle blades. : )

This has truly been my favorite NECA figure to photograph so far. He's so sharp looking so it's easy to take cool looking pictures of him. I love to imagine him cloaked and running from tree to tree in the jungle. The clear figure with green, black, and chrome accents make him look amazing when photographing him outside. We all have busy and stressful lives so I treasure being able to take these figures out and snap some pictures as a stress reliever.

With that all said, I know that you guys will love the Ambush Predator just as much as I do! Check out some more pictures below, and I hope that you enjoy them.

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Samples courtesy of NECA TOYS

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  1. That insert is a throwback to the original Kenner figure too!