Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NECA NES Gremlins 2 Mohawk Figure Review

NECA Toys NES Mohawk Gremlin

Sweet Gremlins, they are so nice, fury and cute aren't they?  Not this menacing Gremlin, since I've brought him home he's been nothing but trouble!  During our recent visit with Randy Falk and the NECA toys crew, we were able to see the final product of the NES 8-Bit Mohawk Gremlin.  NECA truly spends equal time on their collectibles and the packaging art for all their items.  I am sorry to say I don't have any pictures of the final box art as Randy was kind enough to provide me with a sample.  The ride home was a mess, as Mohawk would not stop tearing up my car and Jon was trying to keep him at bay.  Well he is home now, and he is under a watchful eye 24/7, let's get into the great details of this figure!

NECA Video Game Series Figures

Since I don't have the actual packaging, I can only give a fair review based off of the final item we were able to see at NECA.  YOU WILL LOVE IT!  Stay tuned as this fits right in will all of the vintage video game figures being produced!


I love all of the Gremlins figures NECA has made, but this Mohawk figure is so unique that it's by far my favorite one.  The paint is very detailed and shows a great mix of vintage 8-Bit NES colors.  He has a nice mix of yellow, black, and a few different shades of grey to polish off his awesome look.  The mouth opens well, his head has great movement, and he even stands very well on his own. You will want to constantly play with this figure like you are 6 years old! 


The gun is one of the coolest things about this figure!  It's made well, and fits in his hands a bunch of different ways to give you a lot of pose ability options.  Now even though he comes with a gun, he also literally has an infinite amount of items to use around your house to just flat out make you laugh.  My wife is a huge Gremlins fan, and when I told her I received this figure, she was not happy that it wasn't for her.  This Gremlin is so cool that it made my wife, who's not crazy about my collection, upset it wasn't going to be hers!

Notice he actually had Rice Krispies Treats in his mouth when I caught him!
Only this guy would go for my stash of liquor
I love this figure to death!  He is a lot of fun to just carry around, pose and just play with!  His colors really stand out, and give him a mean look that fits him perfectly. 
Take a look at the rest of the pics and let us know what you think!

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Sample provided by NECA Toys
Special Thanks to Randy Falk

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  1. Man that's awesome. Still super jealous but I can be patient until it's released 😄