Monday, March 16, 2015

NECA Toys Video Game Rocky Action Figure Review

Boom! Randy and NECA have done it again with a KNOCKOUT of a figure with the video game version of Rocky. I have seen many pictures of this figure online, but you can't begin to truly appreciate this figure until you get it in your hands. It blew my expectations right out of the water!

"I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!"
This figures comes with the Sega-style packaging which I love. As always, when it comes to the NES/video games figures the packaging is ALMOST as good as the figures. NECA always pays close attention to detail and does an excellent job of replicating the look of the original packaging of the video game. Like the other action figures in this line, the inside of the box has a picture from the Start screen, an open window where the figure sits, and a 8 bit-style background. As you can tell from the above picture those backgrounds come in handy when taking photographs of the figure.

Figure and Accessories: 
This figure may only come with one accessory, but in my opinion it is one hell of an accessory. The American flag is molded to fit right over his shoulders. With it on, Rocky looks just like he did in the movie. Rocky is wearing his red, white, and blue trunks courtesy of his old buddy Apollo Creed. (Quick side note: Hey Carl Weathers, give Randy a call so you guys can get working on a Dillon figure!) The color on the trunks and gloves pop and the shading used on the hair and body just put this over the top. There is tan/light brown shading used on the body and blue/purple used on the hair. The paints and shading really accentuate and highlight the many details of this figure.

Bottom Line:
NECA has come out with many different Rocky figures over the years and I like them all a great deal. With that said, this one is, by far, my favorite one! Whether you are a Rocky collector or just a big fan of the retro NES/video game line you will not be disappointed. Like I said before, you can't truly begin to appreciate how nice this figure is until you get him in your hands, play with him, and pose him. 

It's great to know that this line has just taken off and there is no end in sight! 

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Sample courtesy of NECA Toys

" He is not human, he is a piece of iron."

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