Thursday, March 12, 2015

NECA Toys Burning Godzilla Figure Review

NECA Toys: Burning Godzilla

Dunnnn, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, DUNNNNNNNN, DUN, DUN, DUN!!!!!! GODZILLA!!!!

Godzilla is on FIRE!

What's up, everyone?  We are doing great because yesterday we received the NECA Burning Godzilla!  We were able to see this figure a few times before getting the final product and it's amazing!  The Godzilla line that NECA is doing is really bringing the monster back to the collectible world!  This particular Godzilla looks so detailed and ANGRY. You would be too if you were burning in the middle of a battle with Destoroyah!  So without any further delay let's get to the details of this cool figure I just had to rip open!


NECA has become widely known for their own creative art and packaging to go along with the amazing collectibles they produce from the ground up.  The Godzilla line doesn't fall short. You walk into the store and the figures pop right off of the shelves.  The art on the front and back brings me back to the movies and memories of watching them with my father, talking about who is going to beat who!  I am very impressed with the back picture used for this figure. It totally captures the perfect portrayal of the figure.


The figure is well made and painted with lots of detail.  The tail snaps in the back with a ball joint that allows all kind of movement up and down for the tail.  It's so detailed that they have put pieces all the way through the tail to move/pose it just the way you want it.  We know Godzilla breathes nuclear fire, but that tail is also a weapon that has pummeled many enemies.  The fire effect really shines through on the figure no matter what angle you are looking at him.  He literally lights up in the pictures and on your shelf...he steals the show!  His legs and arms move well along with his jaw.  I was able to use micro machines in my pictures, because I believe they are perfect scale for this figure.  I eventually plan to have all the Godzilla's dominating my micro machines display. Now, tell me you wouldn't want to do that!  Jon and I were also discussing how there has been so many Godzilla figures made since we were kids and how poorly they were all done. This is the Godzilla line that I wanted as a destroy all my other toys!


 Bottom Line:

As we continue to review all of these great products NECA produces we see a trend. The combination of the many great ideas NECA has, along with Randy Falk leading the charge, and their interactions/close attention paid to what their fans want is really paying off.  They are creating new lines and ideas everyday based off so many factors, but they are getting it right.  This Burning Godzilla is a beautiful piece, and it's just a ton of fun to play with.  I love his paint scheme, his look, the all just gives you that feeling of I would not want to F*** with this monster!  Now that you see what an amazing figure this is, be on the lookout for him!  This is the perfect figure to start your NECA Godzilla collection, because once you get one of them you will want them all!

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Sample courtesy of NECA Toys


  1. Really thinking about picking this guy up. Great review.

  2. Thanks! He really is very cool. If you're on the fence I would say go for it. He is lots of fun.

  3. Great photos & write-up. I'm looking forward to adding this guy to the collection.

  4. I love NECA but this figure seems just a repaint of 1994 Godzilla that came out last year. Did you find any difference in articulation or molding?