Monday, March 23, 2015

Funko TMNT Bobbleheads Review

First off, I have never been much of a bobblehead guy. They are cool, but they are typically just not my thing. With that said, I AM a HUGE TMNT guy! When I first saw these I knew I was going to be getting them. In fact, I pre-ordered them all the way back in May of last year.

I only have three other bobbleheads in total, and they are all ones of some of my favorite characters (two different Wolverines and an Invasion USA version of Chuck Norris). These guys were just too awesome for me to pass up though, so I a made an exception to my bobblehead rule. 

The colors on these guys really pop. I really love the nostalgic feeling they bring to me. These capture exactly what I think of when I think about how I envisioned TMNT's when I was a little kid. They fit in with the rest of my TMNT display just perfectly, and add a little variation compared to the retro figures, vehicles, and playsets. 

I really appreciate the fact that Funko put extra effort into the packaging. The packaging art for each characters is spot on. It is like it's right from the cartoon. Since bobbleheads don't come with any accessories and don't have points of articulation there isn't much more to add. I will say this though, if you are a TMNT collector you will really enjoy these guys. They're fun and a nice change from what I usually collect.

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  1. I am not a bobblehead guy either, but these are so fantastic it doesn't matter. They look like they popped straight out of the original TMNT series. Funko truly hit a home run here.