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NECA Toys NES Rambo Figure

NECA Toys: NES Rambo

So who wants to battle the giant spider to save the little boy that was never a part of the movie? 

  Rambo, the video game, was a product of the NES creators taking parts from the movie and adding in a whole bunch of crazy things in order to make a game that kids would play in the 80's.  

RAMBO II was one of the first action movies I watched as a kid. My dad called me into the house that Saturday night to watch it at 7 years old.  As a young kid, this movie was so cool and just opened my imagination to so many things I would grow to love.  I would quote Murdock when I was bringing my toys outside with my brother saying "Maybe the government didn't care?" just because I thought the movie was so cool.  

Then, one Friday night my father took us to the mall to get dinner and walk around. We always did things on the weekends and I loved the mall.  We stopped into Babbage's, yes Babbage's, and I see the NES Rambo video game sitting there!  At the time, I didn't know there was a game, and neither did my dad or my brother.  Back then we only received games for maybe Birthday or for Christmas, but that night my dad saw how excited we were and bought us the game!  We couldn't wait to get home and play as RAMBO on the NES system, and we did for about an hour before my father shut us down for the night.  We played the game the entire weekend and days and days to come until one day we had finally beat the game!

Now some key things about this story...we had a very old, small, black and white TV and we had to keep the game paused to not lose our progress.  Even with these odds against us we beat it! About a month later, my brother got a nice new color TV, way bigger than our black and white TV.  So the first game we wanted to play and see in color was RAMBO!  We turn it on, and instantly love the colors...but we also notice this thing up top called the weapons bar.  We both freaked out and said we beat the entire game with a knife when we had all of these weapons we could of used???  So yes, my brother and I beat the NES RAMBO game with just the knife and (somehow grenades).  That's part of my NES RAMBO childhood memories, and well now I get to play the game all over again.  This time I get to use his RPG and Bow and arrow right away! 


The NES Rambo comes in the classic box I remember having in my hands at Babbage's.  It looks so cool, and you can't help but remember what it was like to play the game.  The insert shows a conversation between Trautman and Rambo about the mission just like in the NES game.  The backdrop for the figure is the classic jungle look from the game, I always loved these boards.  On the back it shows you highlights of his weapons, and what the purpose of RAMBO is. 


The Rambo figure is well made, and the paint applications really stand out on this figure.  He has the body of the NECA Rambo II figure with highlights of orange and other colors to give him that true NES feel.  His joints work well and allows him to be put in almost any pose you choose.  I particularly like the look of his face and the bandanna that is what's left of Co's dress.  


Rambo comes with a nice assortment of weapons and hands to make him look the way you want.  He can hold all his weapons snug, and comes with the long awaited bow with arrows!  The bow is made well, and has actual rope to allow you to fire the arrow!  Between the grenade, RPG, bow and arrow, I don't think anyone is stopping RAMBO!

Bottom Line

This figure is unique and a treasure to any NES or RAMBO fan.  He is the total package! From the box, to the figure and his weapons, he is a must buy.  NECA continues to make these wonderful video game line figures. I am very pleased to know that there are many more to come!  NECA Toys is at the top of their game right now! 

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