Thursday, October 9, 2014

NECA Toys Robocop - Deluxe Figure with Jetpack and Assault Cannon Review

What's up!!!! It's time to take a look at the NECA Robocop 3 Jetpack figure! First, I have to say this is probably my favorite Robocop figure to date. Everything is well made and detailed. It comes with a lot of cool stuff! 


Robocop's packaging is similar to the other NECA versions of him. It shows off the great looking figure, weapons, and jetpack that he comes with. If you see him in a store he's going to catch your eye!


The figure itself has a great look to it that shines with some tints of vintage-looking color. He still has his side holster with black pistol that pops out the same way as previous figures. He is very sturdy and his right arm is detachable for one of his sick guns. 


He is a little hard to stand with his jetpack on because of the weight, but it's easy to get him to stand once you figure it out. 

Weapons & Accessories

Robocop comes with the awesome Cobra assault cannon and machine gun attachment for his arm along with his jetpack. They are all great weapons and it's worth buying the figure just for the weapons alone. 


He is my favorite Robocop figure NECA has made! It has great weapons and a sturdy figure with a nice finshed look to him. I took some pics of Robocop and ED-209 battling it out to give you an idea of what your display could look like!

Bottom line..... Get him!!! 

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