Monday, October 6, 2014

Review of Sideshow Collectibles Classic Batman 2014

All New Sideshow Classic Batman

What's up everyone? How's the collecting going?  This Friday I received the new Sideshow Batman directly from Sideshow. Up until now, I have only collected the Sideshow GI Joe figures, but I am very happy to have branched out to Batman...and even more to come!

Batman with Kryptonite Ring


Batman comes with some really cool box art that, in my opinion, perfectly captures the true look of Batman.  If you love the classic Batman then this is the figure for you. The classic symbol and the look of his cape look amazing! The Sideshow exclusive comes with a battle damaged face that has some excellent details on it.

Front Box Art

Insert in box- love the art on this

Figure and Accessories

The figure itself is massive. He is built like he is indestructible!  He comes with a nice set of weapons including a Grapple and Bat Blades.  Some people are not too happy the yellow oval is not around his bat symbol, but I think it looks fine. Of course, everyone has their own preference for how Batman should look. His cape is the craziest part about him. It's so long and can really get the look of a bat coming down at you with the cape spread out.  The stand he comes with allows for multiple levels of display depending on how you want him to look.  I am planning on putting the Play Arts Deathstroke next to him on the shelf!

Batman in the clam shell unmoved

Battle Damage Face

All his weapons and stand


He displays very well in multiple poses on his stand.  I like the look of the ring and his cape hanging just over his arms.  I also like all three of the faces he came with so I will probably swap those on and off a lot.  As I was saying before, the actual body of this figure is huge and is extremely detailed.  If you are a Batman lover, or even a comic book fan you need to get this figure. 


I love this version of Batman Sideshow has done for us.  He poses well, looks great, and is a great addition for any collection.  Let us know what you think on here or on twitter. @CobraShadowJoes

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