Thursday, October 23, 2014

UPS and USPS - Costs Go Up But the Service Goes Down

First, I want to say that this post is not to knock the actual postal workers or the UPS delivery
employees…unless they leave your package with someone else across town.  I've been using these services frequently for the past 10 years to buy and sell items.  The service was reasonable when I first started, but now between the cost, the delays, and changes with shipments it has become very frustrating to work with them.

A week ago, I was waiting for a package from UPS that tracked the item all the way to my house.  I must say when I got home and found nothing on my porch I was very disappointed.  The dispute process for this item through UPS was actually pretty simple and straight forward.  Later that night, a person knocked on my door and said that my package was delivered to their house.  The box was ripped open, but the items were still in the box.  Tell me how the UPS delivery person dropped my package off across town? My street name is the only one in the town and it also says my house number plain as day on the front of my house.  I know mistakes happen, but this happens way too frequently. 

So today, I am waiting for a very important package that is being shipped with UPS.  I was alerted that there was a delay with the truck and now I must wait another day.  I like the fact that I get updates on these packages. However, think about this…what if I was running a true business?  This happens too frequently to consider it a reliable business partner.  I do feel that USPS does a better job on a more consistent basis by meeting the needs of us buyers and sellers. 

Bottom line, who holds these companies accountable for true reliable service?  Is it the competition between companies that brings that demand?  Times have changed and USPS can no longer profit from people mailing letters, selling stamps, etc….so cost goes up because of that.  I know a lot of people use the printable shipping method and leave the items to be picked up and shipped.  I believe doing that increases my shipping cost on a regular basis.  What seems to work best for me is using my own boxes, packing materials, and asking for the best shipping options.  I never use UPS to ship for so many reasons but mainly for the cost and (lousy) service. 

So, do you agree or disagree with the service we are getting from these two companies? Are you happy with how quickly you are getting your items? Or how quickly they reach your buyers?  I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this? 

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  1. Not related to labor negotiations, but I do want to express my utter frustration with UPS!! UPS's customerbservice SUCKS!!! THAT IS THE REASON FOR YOUR 1 STAR OUT OF 10 STARS RATING!! UPS SUCKS!!!