Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1980's Super Powers Collection

Super Powers:  Old vs New

Hey everyone. I hope all is well in the toy collecting world! We wanted to talk about the 1980's Super Powers line and what figures we all had as kids.  Also, we wanted to compare the newer line that pays homage to these wonderful, classic figures! I think everyone, including me, had a Superman figure when we were growing up and most likely a Batman figure as well.  I had them both along with Aquaman, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Dr Fate, Darkseid, Wonder Woman and a few others.  Starting to bring back those wonderful 80's memories yet?

I have now collected 26 figures from this line. There are some others I just haven't bought yet because I am waiting for the right price.  Below is a picture from my vintage collection of the classic figures from the DC Comics line! Who was your favorite from this line when you were growing up?

I have also started to collect the DC Universe figures from the past few years because I think they do the old figures justice!  My most recent figure was the Darkseid Build a Figure who is a beast and towers over all of them.  I believe the new line is very close to the original figures just with better detail. 

So based off your experience and the pictures which line would you rather own?  Would you prefer the classic smaller figures or the larger, more detailed figures recently made?

We hope you enjoyed the pictures and we would like to hear your stories about these wonderful figures we all love!  Make sure to leave a comment or contact us on Twitter @cobrashadowjoes



  1. Your collection is looking better & better with each passing day!

  2. Who is the green and yellow robot thing? 1st pic back row