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HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini's Alien Queen and Eggs Review

   HIYA Toys Exquisite Queen Alien and Eggs Review 

The Alien Queen is the best of the best of the xenomorphs and is not something you want to run into. It started with the Aliens movie in 1985 and expanded in the Dark Horse comics universe and other movies that would later follow.  One thing always was consistent, she was menacing and a force to be reckoned with!  Ripley faced one and in my opinion she only won out of pure luck, others faced them and generally a nuke was needed to finish off the job.  In Aliens vs Predator it took a human/predator team up to barely win the battle only later to find out the damage was already done. Scar was soon to give birth to a Predalien in the Predator mother ship.  Hiya toys is expanding and growing and their figures just get better and better.  Let's take a closer look at this beautiful figure and her eggs hoping we don't lose our lunch. 

  • Excellent Joints 
  • Good Articulation 
  • Great paint applications
  • Excellent detail for such small figures
  • Clear stand support that plugs into the base stands(4) she comes with 
  • Small figures usually have fragile parts.  I've had no issues with mine but its something to keep in mind when opening and displaying your figures
The Alien Queen and her eggs go hand in hand.  Everything about them is well done from the details on the Queen, Eggs, and Facehuggers to the excellent paint applications. The Queen is loaded with articulation and even stands on her own as the tail is sturdy and wired and helps support the body.  The body and joints aren't fragile at all, I own the NECA Queen and she was the exact opposite with tons of fragile parts that snapped and didn't hold up.  Now Hiya developed their Queen after Neca had already done it, but the Hiya toys version is just better quality.   The eggs and facehuggers were also done by Neca, and I think the quality of Hiya's versions is just flat out better.  Better paint applications and details along with sturdy parts not brittle plastic.
Alien Eggs
Aliens Eggs
I really like that the Queen comes with 4 stands as it allows you to really build out a diorama that looks great with the Queen, Eggs, and Xenomorphs.  Hiya is doing a great job building up the line and pumping out the figures.  The Alien and Aliens eggs have some variation to them, as the Alien eggs have a more classic look from the first movie, where the Aliens eggs have a different color but with the same great looking details.  Whether you buy the Alien or Aliens egg set both are awesome and worth picking up both.  The facehuggers are essentially the same from Alien and Aliens which I like and allows me to mix and match in my display. 
I've quickly grown to know what to expect from Hiya toys products and they are doing great things at this price point.  I expect Hiya to continue to expand on Predator and Aliens and more Sci-Fi lines in the future.  It's all about scale, and if you like a smaller scale figure with great details Hiya is going to hit that goal for you. I like that they come with interlocking stands so you are able to display them with detailed bases. 

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