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HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini's AVP Predators Youngblood, Temple Guard, Warrior Review

    HIYA Toys Exquisite AVP Predators Review 

Predator is the best franchise out there, am I correct?  Ok, I know a lot of the latest movies and designs haven't been the best, but the designs from AVP have really translated well into action figures. This review covers the second tier Predators Youngblood, Temple Guard, Warrior and the Unmasked Scar all from Aliens vs Predator. Now that they are finally in my hands, let's take a closer look at just how good Hiya did with this wave! 

  • Excellent Joints 
  • Good Articulation 
  • Great paint applications
  • Excellent detail for such small figures
  • Nice assortment of movie accurate weapons
  • Small figures usually have fragile parts.  I've had no issues with mine but its something to keep in mind when opening and displaying your figures
  • Unmasked Scar Predator's mouth didn't have a wash over the mouth and is all pink, I did apply a little black was paint to mine and it looks great.  
Overall I really like this wave of AVP Predators!  There's improvement with the joints, body articulation and the plasma casters. The figures don't have a lot of ab crunch which can make it a little difficult to pose them, but after playing with them I really wasn't have much of an issue. I've reviewed previous Predator figures from Hiya and I was always concerned I could break them at any moment. Hiya has made sure this wave that isn't the case and the plastic has more of a bendy feel compared to previous waves of Hiya products.  They're all highly detailed sculpts, with great paint applications all over the figure and weapons.  It's hard to say out of the group which one is my favorite of the 4 but I really enjoy the Young Blood Predator.  They each come with a grid floor stand and I have acquired quite a few of these which has turned into a great piece for display and for pictures.  Now that I have the primary AVP Predators along with the secondary ones from the movie, I'm trying to find a good place to show them off.  
I've quickly grown to know what to expect from Hiya toys products and they are doing great things at this price point.  I expect Hiya to continue to expand on Predator and Aliens and more Sci-Fi lines in the future.  It's all about scale, and if you like a smaller scale figure with great details Hiya is going to hit that goal for you. I like that they come with interlocking stands so you are able to display them with detailed bases. 
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