Thursday, November 11, 2021

HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini's AVP Predator and Alien Figures Review

  HIYA Toys Exquisite AVP Predator and Aliens Movie Figures

I've finally got the new Hiya Toys AVP Predators and Aliens in hand and they are awesome! I'm not a over the top fan of the AVP movie, but I really like the designs of the characters.  When you watch the movie there is something off with the Predators and their suits, but the figures look great and better then what we see on screen.  I thought the Alien design was very sleek and good looking in the movie so the figures naturally look great and are accurate.  Now that they are finally in my hands, let's take a closer look at just how good Hiya did with this wave! 

  • Excellent Joints 
  • Good Articulation 
  • Great paint applications
  • Excellent detail for such small figures
  • Nice assortment of movie accurate weapons
  • Small figures usually have fragile parts.  I've had no issues with mine but its something to keep in mind when opening and displaying your figures
  The latest series of releases from HIYA are all really well done.  The Aliens and the Predators have about the same articulation but good joints and they are able to hold poses without the stands. I didn't experience any frozen or broken joints the entire time I played with them.  The AVP line is very sharp, the Predators look spot on to the look of the movie and I can't put them down. The movie was OK, but I really grew to like the designs from the movie and Hiya has captured it beautifully.  They come with a nice assortment of screen accurate accessories and I didn't have many issues while posing them.  The Aliens are also very nice looking with great articulation, the inside of the mouths are a little loose but still hold well. 
I've quickly grown to know what to expect from Hiya toys products and they are doing great things at this price point.  I expect Hiya to continue to expand on Predator and Aliens and more Sci-Fi lines in the future.  It's all about scale, and if you like a smaller scale figure with great details Hiya is going to hit that goal for you. I like that they come with interlocking stands so you are able to display them with detailed bases. 
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