Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Exclusive Rumble Society Hoodz: VAPOR Review

 Mezco Toyz Hoodz: VAPOR Review 

Mezco has done well with creating their own unique characters and Vapor is no exception to the line.  Mezco has been in the game for awhile, and they are starting to bring back some of their early classic looks.  Vapor has a ton of personality and appeal with his bright colors and amazing expressions!  I wasn't sure if this was a figure I would get into, but after having him in hand he's a great change of pace from Mezco's usual releases.  

  • 4 Impressive unique head sculpts
  • 12 New interchangeable hands
  • NY Baseball cap
  • Hoodie with drawstrings
  • Bubble vest
  • Hooded zipper jacket
  • 2 Pairs of interchangeable shoes
  • Red Book bag
  • Headphones
  • Array of spray-paint cans
  • Bolt cutters  
  • Flocked hair came with some indentations
  • Some of the clothing items leave fuzz on clothes and will need to be lint brushed
Vapor is a highly articulated figure with lots of swaps to make him look unique.  The new ability to swap shoes is one of the coolest things about him.  He's bright and vibrant and comes with a lot of new things to play with.  The flocked hair is a new thing for Mezco, and overall I like the look and feel of it.  A couple of my heads came with indentations in the hair so that was a bummer but its not hideous.  Vapor is also made to swap clothes and different parts, which is something new for Mezco.  In the past all of their figures generally have clothes that need a work around to remove them and make customizing a tougher process.  Vapor breaks that barrier with swapped parts all over along with the soft goods being easily removable. 
Vapor is a unique character that I expect Mezco to expand on his universe/other characters.  I like the change of pace from Mezco as we were getting a lot of Gomez figures along with some lackluster releases.  All in all Vapor breaks through into a new aspect for the One:12 line and what Mezco can provide to us in the future.  If you have a chance to pick him up, and like the artsy feel he brings I would suggest buying him ASAP.  I think this will be a Mezco that increases in value over time and will be harder to get. 

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