Monday, December 20, 2021

HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini's Robocop Damaged ED-209 Review

    HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini Robocop Damaged ED-209 Review 

 I love me some ED-209, and really love the Robocop movies I mean who doesn't?!?  The HIYA toys ED-209 is slick and clean with the classic battle damage and sounds.  I've been quite excited to get him in hand, and compare him to my Neca and Hot Toys versions.  One thing I really love about HIYA is the ability to capture so much detail in a small unique piece.  Let's see how well HIYA did with their first version of ED-209!

  • Excellent Joints 
  • Good Articulation 
  • Great paint applications
  • Great sound effects 
  • Sturdy Design 
  • The HIYA Ed-209 is truly a great toy, with no cons that I can see. 
Size Comparison with the unmasked Scar Predator

When you first see the box and art and take him out it automatically makes you think of the movie.  Even at this scale Ed is intimidating and looks like he's ready to wreck shop! The arms, legs and feet have articulation and very nice movement. The body has the ability to move up and down on his leg rails, with no issues of looseness or breakage.  There's a ton of great paint apps all over the figure and they didn't miss a part. The sound effects and quotes are truly the cherry on top!
I took a close look at the Hot Toys version as well as the NECA toys version and I don't really see much variance in color or detail.  The only thing I noticed was the color choice for the shell of Hiyas Ed-209 but it looks great.  I would suggest picking Ed-209 up, its perfect sitting at your work desk.  Since I've opened him, I can't put him down and even my kids think he is cool and like to play with him!
I've quickly grown to know what to expect from Hiya toys products and they are doing great things at this price point.  I expect Hiya to continue to expand on Robocop, Predator, Aliens and more Sci-Fi lines in the future.  It's all about scale, and if you like a smaller scale figure with great details Hiya is going to hit that goal for you. I can't wait to get the clean version of Ed-209 in my hands next!

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