Monday, March 1, 2021

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective DC KGBeast Figure Review

Mezco Toyz DC KGBeast Figure Review 

Finally we are getting some of the DC villain characters after all of the Batman releases from Mezco. Listen, I love Batman and I have almost every version Mezco has put out, but I've been anxiously waiting for some villains.  I've been excited to get KGBeast from the day Mezco made their announcement he was apart of their lineup.  Once I had him in hand I was overly impressed with the amount of detail and quality that was put into the figure.  I honestly don't think there's much more that could of been added to the figure.  Now let's take a closer look at KGBeast and see what makes this a great release from Mezco.

  • 3 highly detailed head sculpts
  • Spot on costume to the comic lure
  • Excellent soft goods 
  • Loaded with accessories and places KGBeast can carry them
  • Excellent base for custom figures (If that's your thing)
  • The elbows were improved and allow for more articulation from previous figure releases.
  • Could of possibly been built on a bigger body
KGBeast was trained by the KGB in a secret program called "The Hammer" and is an expert in all weapon types and martial arts. The figure is almost complete perfection from head to toe. Mezco took some tiny liberties with his overall look and armor but he still nails the look we see in the DC comics.  He comes with three head sculpts, one is unmasked while the other 2 have the mask with eyes or all white eye cover.  He also comes with his eye cover for his mask that's dead on.  He also comes with an excellent weapon assortment and provide a normal hand for his severed arm weapon system.  
The body has very good articulation along with excellent soft goods that fit well and allow for great posing.  The web gear/armor he wears is bold and looks menacing, heightening the look and fear KGBeast brings to the table.  Going through my review process, I put him through the ringer bending and posing him every way possible to see if he had any limitations. He has new designed elbows that are not fully double joints still allow for excellent posing and gun handling. I'm so impressed with the figure I decided to buy four so far hoping to do some customs with his excellent base.
KGBeast is a must buy! I'm incredibly impressed with this release and how well they covered all the details for the character. Mezco has released a lot of figures for 2020 but I think this is my favorite of the year.  I have nothing negative to say about the figure other than he could have been on a larger body to show off how big and menacing he is.  KGBeast sold out fast and will be very hard to get on the secondary market as his price has already doubled.  I think the fact he's an excellent character, well executed and a DC villain has really drove up the need to collect this figure from Mezco. If you were lucky enough to get one, let us know what you think about the figure!
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