Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Exclusive Superman- 1978 Edition Review

 Mezco Toyz Superman- 1978 Edition 

A classic that almost needs zero introduction, the original Superman (1978) Christopher Reeves finally gets a release from Mezco and its really well done. I'm and 80's kid and can fondly remember watching the movie many times on the weekends.  There was just something about Reeve's and the persona he carried as Superman, it just felt like it was a perfect fit.  I would read the comics, and still have my 1980's Superman and Clark Kent Super Powers figures they were the first line of toys I collected. I was extremely happy to see Mezco would be releasing their version but was worried what the final product would look like.  He finally came and I ripped open my tin to find an excellent figure with lots of details and accessories.  

  • 3 Head Portraits that turned out really well 
  • Soft goods suit is very close to accurate movie look
  • New articulated body
  • Fortress of Solitude is amazing
  • Kryptonite fragments and crystals 
  • Cape wire is glued into the fabric and is a little flimsy
  • Boot color is a darker red compared to the rest of the red used on Superman

The initial thoughts and pictures released of Superman were not received to well, but once people started getting him in hand that all changed.  Collectors were worried about the head sculpts from the start, but Mezco came through and included a nice third head sculpt which was an excellent surprise!  The Superman suit fits snug, but not so snug that it takes away some articulation and cloth bunching.  The suit itself really looks great all together but I did see some minor flaws with the overall figure.  The cape is nice but doesn't lay perfectly and the wire in the cape is held together with fabric glue. I also noticed like many others the boots were a darker red and didn't really match the rest of the red used for the figure.  Once you get past these minor things and play with him, you really see the greatness and the memories you had as a kid coming back.  
The new body used for Superman is 28 points of articulation, but its still an excellent body and a improvement from previous releases.  As collectors, we are always worried our favorite characters will get single joint elbows, and with Superman this wasn't the case.  I always take my figures out of the box and bend them into a pretzel to really see what is capabilities are with posing. A few minor flaws doesn't impact the happiness I have with this Superman.

Superman exceeded my expectations and many other collectors to the point everyone is now looking to buy the figure.  He's truly a classic with very little flaws and over the top excellent accessories that really tie the package together. If you're a fan of the movies, and want a figure that hits the mark then you want to pick up this Mezco Superman. Make sure to let us know what you think of the figure in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram to share your thoughts!

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