Monday, January 11, 2021

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Hellboy (2019) Review

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Hellboy Review 

There's been a few iterations of Hellboy with lots of debate over what's a good movie/bad movie and poor take on the character.  Lionsgate not long ago released their version of Hellboy and it didn't receive a lot of  great reviews which was a let down.  Mezco bought in to the new film and created the iconic Hellboy from this film, and even if you don't like the movie you have to say this is a great figure.  A few companies have recently released a version of the character, but Mezco's take on the character from the movie really looks and feels good in your hands. Let's take a closer look at Mezco's version of Hellboy and why he's worth adding to your collection. 

  • Two highly detailed face sculpts
  • High quality removable duster coat
  • Customized movie accurate handgun
  • Revolver with rotating barrel 
  • Highly detailed gun case
  • Iconic horseshoe accessory
  • Body only has 28 points of articulation 
OK, so I will say it off the bat Hellboy is a cool character but not exactly that high on my list. I'm always amazed when I get figures in hand of characters that aren't my top of all time and how well they are done.  Mezco really took it's time with this figure with a new body sculpt, detachable right hand of doom, and excellent soft goods that fit really well. I really like how the tail sticks out of his pants but is sewn so good that you can't see much of a gap in the pants.  His head doesn't come with the horns, but the pieces can still pop in and out of his head.  The guns are unique and screen accurate with a lot of detail and great paint applications.  
Now that I've stated I'm not a huge fan of the character, I am a fan of this figure Mezco has perfected.  Hellboy just feels good in your hands, he photographs really well and can stand in as any Hellboy not just the one from the recent Lionsgate movie.  The arm articulation on the hand of doom side is a little limited but doesn't hinder his overall look and feel. I really enjoyed posing this figure and taking pictures, I don't always feel this way with a new figure. 
Hellboy is a icon that's been around for awhile starting with the graphic novels which lead to a few different movies about him.  I'm more of a Ron Pearlman fan of the character, but that doesn't mean I don't like this figure.  The version Mezco has released give me more of an overall Hellboy feel with a little bit of everything to get that iconic look of the character. The guns are second to none, and the gun case is such a cool and unique accessory, it's probably my favorite thing out of the box.  I have a feeling this figure will be hard to get as time goes on, its a great take on Hellboy and anyone who is passing on him will regret it. 
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