Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Spider-Man Far From Home Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Spider-Man Far From Home
The newest movie versions of Spider-Man have been a huge hit with Marvel fans. I believe this is the 4th Spider-Man version Mezco has released in the similar red with black or blue highlighted suits.  I'm not counting the black PX version as this is a different suit and look all together.  I've always been a fan of the classic Spider-Man look and it was the first version Mezco released and I purchased.  What drew me into purchasing this version is the black and red suit along with some amazing accessories and head sculpts.  I'm very pleased with the Tom Holland head sculpt, Tony Stark glasses, and the perfect effect of a web mask that covers a figures face.  Now its time to take a closer look at the pros and cons of the latest release from Mezco Toyz. 

  • 4 Head portraits including an excellent Tom Holland portrait
  • Tony Stark signature glasses
  • Over 30 points of articulation
  • Improvements from previous Spider-Man suits made with a better material
  • New web mask and web base
  • Good assortment of different web effects
  • The uniform looks like it could be a little frail depending on how many different poses he's being put in. 
  • The suit bunches in the waist area with no real way to hide when posing
Spider-Man FFH has excellent articulation, and the skin tight outfit doesn't hinder him at all.  He comes with different kinds and sizes of web effects that really allow you to get the look you desire from him. I will also say all head sculpts are excellent, but I give the slight edge to the Tom Holland sculpt.  I believe this version of Spider-Man comes with the best ankle articulation out of all the Mezco Spider-Man releases to date.  When posing and playing with him, the ankles were tight but allowed flexibility to stand correctly even in unique poses.  In the past, the ankles have always been an issue for this body/figure and Mezco definitely improved in this area. The Far From Home version really is the best version to date.
The Far From Home Spider-Man comes packed with great accessories, which is another reason I wasn't going to pass on him.  The face covering web is a perfect piece, works well with Mezco head sculpts and has a realistic look to it.  The spider web is a good size and allows for some cool poses and adds to the look you would want to see from Spider-Man.  I like to swap pieces around with other figures and can see this is a great candidate for that.  The glasses are a small detail but probably my favorite piece that comes with him.  I plan to take some goofy pictures with other characters wearing the slick Tony Stark glasses.
I really enjoyed this figure during my review process, and getting to see what he was all about.  As I stated in my cons the suit can be fragile, and mine has a few tiny glue spots on it.  I didn't notice right away until I was almost finished my pictures.  The suit also tends to bunch in the mid section, and there is nothing you can really do to try and change this.  It does concern me that over time a dynamic pose will cause damage to the suit.  Even with some flaws, hes still an excellent release with great accessories, and I really love accessories! Some other things to consider before making your purchase is how you plan on displaying him.  I would say when you have him on his stand, a museum pose is going to preserve the figure for the long haul. Let me know if you picked him up, and what your thoughts are on him!
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