Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Rumble Society Baron Bends Review

Mezco Toyz Rumble Society
Baron Bends 
Baron Bends is the latest Rumble Society release from Mezco Toyz, an original designed under water Aqua-Knight. Baron is an ancient warlord from the cosmic realm, who searches time and space on a quest with no endgame in sight. An interesting background for an original character, and I give Mezco credit for creating characters outside the DC/Marvel realm. I was able to check him out in person at ToyFair, and really enjoyed their setup and what I saw. Let's take a closer look at the Baron Bends bundle, and how it stands up to other Mezco releases. 

  • Two original design head sculpts 
  • Six interchangeable hands
  • Omni Glave
  • Weigh of Woes
  • Four Aquaticon fish 
  • Black bendable tubing
  • Small yellow tubing 
  • The tubing doesn't fit well in all of the holes on the figure
  • Hands have a hard time keeping grip on Glave
Baron comes in the usual Mezco high quality packaging and art that always seals the deal with the figure.  Baron was a bundle pack that also came with a comic, t-shirt, and pin to totally immerse you in the Baron world. Mezco seems to be releasing more "bundles" that appears to have increased the price some and there has been debates with some people preferring just the figure over the bundle.  I could go either way on this, but I always like the bundles Mezco creates for some of their figures.
Baron comes well equipped in Tangaroanian armor with his Glave and anchor weapons.  The choice of colors really stand out on Baron, with blue and yellow highlights looking very sharp.  He's highly articulated with no hindrance from his armor when posing him.  The Aquaticons are unique and highly detailed with the ability to move their jaws.  Mezco also included a water stand for the Aquaticons which I think was a very nice touch. The one thing I was on the fence about was the head sculpts, I wasn't able to get a really good look at them when I was at ToyFair.  Well, after having them in hand, I enjoy them both and like that their is a huge variance between the two heads.

I've realized by now like a lot of Mezco collectors, don't wait to get the figure.  I made sure that when Baron was up for pre-order, I didn't wait to grab him.  Mezco's figures have continued to grow in popularity and value and it's best to buy it sooner rather then later. Baron Bends is a welcome addition to my Rumble Society crew, and hope that Mezco continues to expand their own universe.  I appreciate unique characters, and Mezco is feeding my need for original content.  The Gomez and Rumble Society universe is HOT right now, so it's time to jump on board!

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