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Mezco Toyz ToyFair 2020 Showcase Coverage

Mezco Toyz ToyFair 2020 Coverage
I got up at 5:15am on Saturday to catch the train around 7am to get to New York in time to check out the Mezco booth.  ToyFair was another amazing event, but Saturday morning I had Mezco on my mind from the minute I woke up.  Once I completed my trip and sat in line for my badge I was off to Mezco's booth.  Each year Mezco approaches the event a little different than they did the year before.  When 9am came the line outside the booth was packed and you could barely get in! Mezco was the talk of ToyFair which is no surprise as they tend to steal the show every year.  Once I was in the booth it was packed. I could barely move and everyone was getting hit with a barrage of Jansport backpacks. What was to come next was exciting. I just couldn't make my way to every spot in the booth due to the size of the crowd.  

Mezco ToyFair Media Event 
Mezco Toyz Booth Video Walk Through

Mezco's booth was a little smaller than last year and closed off to give it more of a private feel.  Instantly the amazing dioramas caught my eye with the large scale battles and excellent posing.  Mezco has worked hard with certain collectors to integrate their diorama building and posing skills. Once you stare at the dioramas for a few minutes you start to take in the cases all around you.  Mezco had a varied amount of 1:12, 5 points, and Living Dead Dolls organized in a great fashion.  Some of the items displayed were things that were recently released to newly developed items like the Predator and Alien which looked fantastic!

I left the booth madness and decided to walk the floor and come back to try and get better pictures and hoped the booth would die down. Each time I went back to the booth it was just as busy as before. People were all trying to get close up looks and taking multiple pictures.  Mezco really does a great job of building up hype for their brand and then following through on some great characters while also building out an original line which is something most companies are afraid to do.  One of those characters is Barons Bends, and he looked excellent in the fish tank Esq diorama done by Crashboxcustoms.  I give Mezco a lot of credit for not only getting great licenses but also building out creative original lines. I was able to have a few side discussion with Mezco staff, but they were hush on all of the questions I had.  Batmobile... we will have to wait and see.

So how many times did I go back to the Mezco booth?  I was able to visit the booth a total of 8 times on Saturday for varied amounts of time.  Mezco has excellent releases coming for both Marvel and DC while also expanding into other areas and it's great to see.  Batman, Two Face, KGBeast, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Thanos, Hellboy, and so many more characters are coming.  I was really impressed with all of their stuff and can't wait to get my hands on all of it!  Thank you to Mezco for providing a excellent experience and continuing to break the mold with their approach to action figures!

20th Anniversary Mezco Gomez ToyFair Bundle 
  • 18kt Gold Head for Mezco 20th Anniversary
  • Collectors Gomez Tin
  • Standard head in gold color
  • New "Golden Gun" pistol
  • Assortment of Gomez standard items in gold color including boombox, sword and sheath, take down rifle, grenades, Mezco bag, bullet effects, stickers, and hover board
  • 5 Points Gomez
  • 5 Points clear Space Ghost
  • Assortment of Mezco themed patches
  • Golden grub with boombox
  • Mezco Decoder Ring
  • Mezco themed stickers
  • Gomez themed poster 

This years ToyFair exclusive giveaway bundle was full of gold.  It's Mezco's 20th Anniversary and they have been using a gold theme and it hass been a huge hit.  Initially, Mezco held a contest for twelve lucky winners to win a "rare" Gomez based off of pictures they posted on social media.  It wasn't announced what the Gomez was, but the twelve winners received the gold Gomez.  People have been going nuts ever since over this gold bug, but little did they know more was to come.  Enter ToyFair and Mezco's exclusive giveaway bundle that includes the gold Gomez along with other great Mezco goodies. 

The latest addition to the Mezco Gomez lure is heavy, and almost has a 80's style, gaudy look.  I opened the tin and instantly saw Pimp Daddy Gomez. I felt the drastic weight difference as soon as I picked him up.  He's essentially Agent Gomez in gold with lots of gold flare and a few new items. I enjoyed posing and taking pics, knowing he's a little top heavy and slightly more challenging then other figures.  As I listed above, the other items that came with the bag were unique like the decoder ring and some very cool patches.  Mezco also included Hazard Squad Gomez and a clear ToyFair exclusive Space Ghost.  My bag did not come with the ToyFair exclusive Hazard Squad Gomez so I don't have any pictures of him to share.  

I had a blast at ToyFair and Mezco was the highlight of the day.  There are so many new things coming that we've been waiting for, and some amazing new licenses that are already the talk of the town.  Can Mezco really do a Predator or an Alien? The answer is yes! They both looked phenomenal and are only very early prototypes.  Is Mezco going to keep providing amazing figures to the fans?  If you take a look at the pictures it's a slam dunk YES! The Press giveaway has been a huge hit and the hottest thing being talked about right now. I can only imagine what will happen between now and SDCC. Mezco always has something up their sleeve.

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Special Thanks to Justin Pinto who provided extra pictures of the event! 

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