Monday, February 3, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Pennywise IT Review

Mezco Toyz 
In 2017 a remake of Stephen King's IT was made starring the creepy demon Pennywise clown that terrorizes kids in a Maine town.  The story goes, every 27 years Pennywise awakens to bring terror against its prey in a form it fears the most.  Personally I would prefer this demon stay far away from me, and I certainly don't want to see it take the form of a spider.  Pennywise is a shape shifting clown that strikes fear into all of its prey, even as an adult I want nothing to do with him.  Mezco did an excellent job with this figure and all the details it needed to create a truly demonic character.  

  • Highly articulated body with double jointed elbows
  • Four unique and highly detailed head sculpts
  • Eight interchangeable hands
  • Clown suit is highly detailed and probably the best soft goods suit Mezco has made to date
  • Balloon holding hand is very sturdy
  • Framed painting
  • Severed arm
  • Paper Boat
  • Ankle rotation is limited 
Pennywise is not exactly my cup of tea, and to be honest most things Horror related I'm not really into.  I purchased Pennywise because my sister is a huge fan of the character and the movies, I knew it would be fun to review and give it as a gift.  Now, after stating that and opening the figure for the first time, I was blown away at how much Pennywise jumps out of the box!  I instantly started to inspect his articulation and paint applications on the head sculpts and was really impressed.  I thought, should I keep this figure just because I am so impressed at how well it looks?  That's saying a lot coming from someone who hates the character and the movies.
As I was going through the process of reviewing him and taking pictures, I couldn't help but notice how much he stands out in the pictures. It's almost like he is commanding the camera's attention and you could do no wrong taking pictures of Pennywise. The only issue I had through the process of reviewing him was trying to get his feet just right so he could stand and pose for all of the pictures.  Once I was able to get his body worked out I had no issues of posing and standing him in almost any pose.
I didn't have high expectations with this figure, but it's really made me respect the work Mezco has done with Pennywise. The articulation and soft goods are top notch, and I am blown away at how well the head sculpts have been painted.  I'm still giving the figure to my sister as a gift, but after reviewing Pennywise it was much harder to give away than I though it would be. If you enjoy the movies or love this character, I would suggest picking up IT with no doubts.  Mezco continues to impress with its details and soft goods and can't wait to see whats next.

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