Monday, February 10, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Moon Knight Review

Mezco Toyz Moon Knight 
I'm not a huge fan of the Moon Knight character, but I will say he's unique and his costume is sharp.  Marc Spector "Moon Knight" starts of when he's left to die in the desert.  He is discovered and saved by local people, where he was taken to a tomb and placed at the foot of a statue of the moon god.  He is later pronounced dead, but suddenly coming back to life saying Khonshu had brought him back to life! Let's take a closer look at the Superhero in all white, and see if he can withstand the Cheetos dust. 

  • Highly Articulated body with over 32 points
  • Two detailed head portraits
  • Eight pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Two different style white hoods
  • Good accurate assortment of blades, nunchuks and staff
  • The suit can hinder articulation in the shoulder areas
  • Limited ankle articulation 
The first thing you notice with Moon Knight are the details on his suit.  Mezco put a lot of thought and detail during the execution of this figure and you can tell with the final result.  The only issue I have with the suit is the armpit areas bunch up and make it a little difficult to get full range of motion when posing.  I really like the fact he comes with two face sculpts and also two different hoods to really allow you to get different looks.  What really sets Moon Knight off as a figure is his unique character specific weapons.  The weapons are highly detailed, great quality and really help capture that sick look he carries. During my time posing and take pictures, I probably pricked my fingers a few times with the sharp weapons.  There really isn't any variance from the SDCC Moon Knight other than the colors of his costume. 
Moon Knight really meets the expectations you have from a 1:12 figure from Mezco.  A highly detailed suit, great interchangeable options as well as accurate character weapons.  As far as the figure goes, he is what I would call a well balanced release with figure and weapons combination from Mezco. Moon Knight is a awesome, but out of all the things with this figure, I really enjoyed his weapons the most. Right now, he is pretty easy to find at retail price and you should be able to pick him up no problem.
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