Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Marvel Blade Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Blade
Blade, otherwise known as Eric Brooks, was only a newborn when his mother was attacked by the doctor delivering the baby (Vampire Deacon Frost) and killed her.  In doing so he passed enzymes in his blood into the infant that would eventually become Blade. Blade would go on realizing his powers and fighting all kinds of vampires through of them being Dracula.  Let's see if Mezco's version lives up to the hype of the notorious DAY WALKER! 

  • Two classic head sculpts
  • Excellent body articulation 
  • Set of 8 interchangeable hands 
  • Highly detailed black trench coat with zipper
  • Removable belt with blade sheath harnesses on left and right hips
  • Blade specific sub machine gun
  • Blade specific shotgun with shoulder strap
  • Sword with removable magnetic sheath that attaches to his back
  • Six stakes (was originally to come with 3)
  • Four pairs of sunglasses (was originally to come with 2)
  • Two different gun blast effects
  • Two signature silver throwing blades
  • The belt has a hard time sitting on his waist
  • The jacket can be restrictive and a little bulky
  • His body is on the smaller side and would prefer him to be a little bulkier

First let me say kudos to Mezco for adding additional stakes and sunglasses to this figure. It really helps add depth and safety to the character if something were to happen to one of these small accessories. Blade really is a sharp figure from head to toe. He has a lot of signature accessories from his iconic comic look. The body that is used is the updated "Gomez" body with great articulation all around.  The sunglasses are a nice touch instead of including a head sculpt with them glued on they give you the option on when he wears them.
I love all of the weapons he comes with including the magnetic sheath for his sword that attaches to his back.  Mezco is great with coming up with cool ideas without taking away the sleek look of their figures. There has been a lot of discussion lately that this is Mezco's best figure to date, but I feel like every time they release a new figure it gets this title.  This is a good thing for Mezco as they continue to make improvements with their One:12 line.

Blade is a highly recognized character partly due to the three movies starring Wesley Snipes as the character as he did a pretty good job.  I couldn't wait to get this figure because there were so many updates and new things Mezco hadn't given us in previous figures.  I personally own the Toy Fair Blade and two of the standard versions and both are really well done. I would highly recommend picking up this figure as it comes with so many accessories and captures Blades look really well.  Please let us know what you think of this killer figure and what Mezco continues to bring to the table!
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