Friday, October 26, 2018

Drone Custom Figures: Punisher Classic Blue Suit Review

Punisher Classic Blue Suit
by Drone Custom Figures
The Punisher's look has evolved over the years, but he was originally introduced in a slick dark blue uniform with white accents.  Spiderman was the first comic he showed up in, but he quickly grew in popularity and evolved into a super hero (or maybe antihero is a better term) character for Marvel. I actually think the clean tight fitting suit in dark blue with white accents is an awesome look.  While no company has compiled this look with fabric Drone Customs decided he needed to provide it to the masses! 
  • 3 Piece Suit Set
    • Fitted top with white skull and white wrist accents
    • Bottom fitted pants
    • Classic hand made white belt
    • High Quality Fabric used 
    Drone Customs produces high quality head sculpts and materials that rival other toy companies products.  The Punisher suit feels just like something that would be produced from a company such as Mezco. The suit itself comes in two pieces with a top and a bottom that take a little patience to get on your figure.  Right out of the packaging, the suit doesn't need any modifications to be placed onto your figure.  The white wrist accents are well done and are a nice detail on the suit.
    Please keep in mind before you can use the suit you will need to remove all the clothing from the figure you choose to use this suit with.  I would also suggest removing the wrist pegs from the body before starting the process.  Once you have done these things you will then need to place the figures arms straight up to slide the top over the body.  It is important to take your time sliding the top over the arms and then the body as its form fitted and will fit, but it just needs some patience and finesse.  Once the top is pulled over you will need to use the sticky glue tab at the end and pull it through the legs and stick it onto his lower back. The pants are pretty simple, but you will need to take your time to evenly pull up the legs and align around his waist.
    The Drone Customs all white classic belt is hand made and uses magnets in the back to connect. It fits around the waist quite well and sits firmly because he used good quality magnets.  Just like the uniform, its important to be patient when first trying to do this so you can get it just right. I actually like the belt a lot. So much that that if he was selling these alone I would probably buy a few more.
    I am extremely happy with the suit and belt that Drone Customs has put together. If you are a fan of the Punisher you need to check out all the products he makes.  The uniform is also available in black with a few other variations. I had fun putting the suit together and making small tweaks to get it to my exact fit and look.

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