Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mezco Toyz Halloween Michael Myers Figure Review

Mezco Toyz 
Michael Myers
Mezco Toyz has been killing it for the last few years especially with their Marvel and DC Comic themed figures, but now (just in time for the release of the new HALLOWEEN movie) Mezco is jumping right on into the realm of horror with their One:12 line of figures as well. Mezco is no stranger to horror, but it is nice to see the One:12 line get in on the action as well. They could not have picked a better character either. The Shape. Pure Evil. Michael Myers. He is easily one of the most popular horror characters in history and they surely did not disappoint us with this figure. 

  • Amazing head sculpt of the classic Michael Myers mask
  • A second headsculpt from the bed sheet "ghost" costume scene
  • Two kitchen knives, one clean and one bloody
  • Five pairs of hands
  • A solid Judith Myers tombstone
  • Light up Jack-o-lantern
  • Film accurate coveralls
  • It appears he comes with the same body used for the Joker. It would be nice if it had a bigger body with better joints, but it is still aesthetically pleasing with the coveralls covering it.
As stated, I feel this figure could have used a bigger, thicker body type, but with the fabric coveralls it still works. The classic head sculpt is spot on. The hair has nice detail in it. They even went so far to copy the lines on the side of the head from the original mask where they ripped off the sideburns of an old Captain Kirk mask. All of the accessories are from key scenes from the movie. The Ghost head sculpt comes with the bed sheet and glasses and pops on and off quite easily. The headstone is extremely solid and durable...high quality all the way around. Lastly, the flickering light up jack-o-lantern is great and takes you right back to the opening of the original film.
As usual Mezco has made another top notch, high quality figure. This is a character that every horror fan loves, and this is without a doubt the best Michael Myers figure that has been made to date. I don't see that changing anytime soon either. We had lots of fun posing and photographing this figure, and we think you will too. It is great to see the One:12 line step into the horror arena. I can't wait to see how their Ash and Jason Voorhees figures come out. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for One:12 horror figures!
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