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NECA TOYS Shin Godzilla Atomic Blast Review

Shin Godzilla Atomic Blast
GODZILLA!!!! Even though King Kong is my ultimate favorite monster how can you not like Godzilla?!? (Godzilla is Steve's favorite though...he has a thing for reptiles). This is an awesome looking iteration of Godzilla from the 2016 Shin Godzilla film. I was particularly hyped about this figure because of how awesome the purple looked on him! Well, let's see how well that dope glowing purple look translated once it was put into action figure form.

  • Great sculpt
  • Excellent articulation
  • Tail is thick and very sturdy 
  • Blast accessories work and fit just as they should
  • Lack of purple paint application
This figure is a little bit of a mixed bag for me. It is great because it's Godzilla, and Godzilla is such an amazing character that it is really difficult to mess him up. I own a ton of NECA Godzilla figures and all of them are of excellent quality. The size, sculpt, and articulation is always on point. And this figure is no different in that regard.
Where we run into problems is with the paint application or lack thereof. Some people have mentioned a problem with an imbalance of the red paint app. To be honest, that wasn't a problem for me. My problem was that there is very little purple paint application on this figure. Remember earlier when I said that the awesome purple look is what excited me the most about this figure? Yeah, so it was definitely a bummer when this arrived with a lot more white than purple on it.

The back area is ok although it has much more white on it than it does purple. However, the tip of the tail is nearly all white. The tail looks like some one just barely touched the tail in one little spot as light as possible when applying the paint.
Since, I have never had a single problem with any other NECA Godzilla figure before and because NECA's customer service has been quick to help me in the past I reached out to them about this problem. I felt it would not be fair to review this without at least giving them a chance to see if they could rectify this.

Their response was as follows:
"Hello. The final production piece can sometimes change from the prototype pictures that are initially shown. We are sorry to hear that you are displeased with your figure. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do in terms of replacements."
Now, I totally understand that the finished product can often times have variations from the prototype pictures that are shown, but this was a pretty big difference. If you compare the official pictures from NECA's to the ones that hit the market you will see. Based on their response and based on comments from other people who own the figure it appears that my figure wasn't defective, but this is how most of the figures turned out. It's possible it was just a problem at this particular factory.
Below are the original pictures of the figure from NECA.
Like I said in the beginning, this is still Godzilla and I am happy to add him to my stable of NECA Godzilla figures. I don't own the original Shin Godzilla figure so it was nice to be able to get this one. He has everything you would expect from their Godzilla figures. The size and sculpt are fantastic as always.

With that said, not every figure can be a home run and perfect in every way. That's totally understandable. My only concern, although it was kind of a major one to me, was the lack of paint application. The last NECA figure I purchased was the 1990 Tim Curry Pennywise figure from the movie IT. He has great paint and is beautiful looking (not to mention he's jam packed with accessories as an Ultimate version). On the other hand, from the online community and from pictures I have seen I have noticed a trend that some figures are missing out on some paint apps and are looking much different from the prototypes. Two examples are some of the new Ahab Predator's are a little light on the paint apps on the face and it appears that the upcoming Hornhead Predator is going to be released without the blood on him as was shown in the original prototypes.

Again, I am a long time NECA collector and most figures I own from the company do not have any such problems, but some occasionally do. As stated earlier, I suspect it probably is a problem with particular factories, but I can only speculate. The paint is really only noticeable when inspecting closely, but looks just fine displayed on the shelf.

Bottom line: the paint may bother some or it might not bother you at all. If you are a Godzilla fan you will probably want to get this no matter what. He fits in just great and looks bad ass on the shelf next to my Burning, Classic '54, VGA, and '01 Atomic Blast Godzillas.

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