Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mezco Toyz Exclusive One:12 The Joker: Deluxe Edition Review

Mezco Toyz Exclusive
The Joker Deluxe Edition
The Joker is not only the Batman's greatest foe, but he is one of my favorite villains in the DC Comics universe. This crazy psycho is packed with tons of goodies and accessories and truly deserves the title of "Deluxe Edition." This figure is a ton of fun and comes with so much that it's easy to cause a lot of mayhem with him!
  • Five different head sculpts (one includes a hat)
  • Nine interchangeable hands
  • 30 points of articulation
  • Highly detailed three piece suit and Batman socks
  • High quality purple trench coat
  • Tons of accessories 
    • Sub-machinegun with two magazines
    • .45 pistol with two magazines
    • Folding straight razor
    • Knife
    • Bloody crowbar
    • Dynamite bomb
    • Chattering teeth
  • Comes with same hands as the original Joker which I find to be a tad wonky
This figures shares the same body, hands, and sculpted shoes and socks as the first Joker that Mezco released. Other than those things this figure is an improvement in every way from head to toe. As you know by now we love accessories as much as we love the figures so the more they come with the better! Deluxe Joker doesn't disappoint on that front. He is jam packed with heads, hands, weapons, and removable clothing so there are endless ways to display and pose this figure. The small touches such as the removable magazines, sculpted Batman socks, and the high quality purple trench coat are what put this figure above and beyond most others.
The Joker has had many different looks over the years. Luckily, this figure comes with so many different head sculpts, clothing, and accessories. As I said, no matter what style Joker you like you should be able to recreate his looking pretty easily by switching the head sculpt as well as by adding or removing different pieces of his clothing. This figure was a blast to play with and photograph and Batman now has a worthy opponent to fight! Sadly, being a Mezco exclusive this figure is sold-out, but you can try your luck on eBay or the secondary market!

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