Monday, June 4, 2018

NECA Toys TMNT Movie Baby Turtles Accessory Pack

TMNT Movie Baby Turtles Accessory Pack
NECA has recently released all 4 1990 TMNT Movie turtles in 1/4 scale, and they look fantastic! A nice added addition to the four TMNT is the NECA Baby Turtles accessory pack they just recently released.  The pack has all four Baby Turtles along with some other nice accessories for your 1/4 scale Turtles. 

  • 4 Baby Turtles with mouth and arm articulation
  • Domino's pizza box with 4 slices to help complete your pie
  • Michelangelo extra hand with spinning Nun chuck
  • Band Aid stickers for baby and 1/4 Scale TMNT
  • Baby Turtles don't have any leg articulation 
NECA did a good job with packaging all four Baby Turtles along with vital accessoriess for your 1/4 scale turtles to help complete your set. I would definitely consider picking up this set if you already collect the 1/4 scale Turtles that NECA has released.
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