Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mezco Toyz One:12 NYCC Exclusive Marvel Red Skull Figure Review

Mezco Toyz NYCC Red Skull  
The Red Skull you are about to read about, is from his first encounter with Captain America in 1941.  Its a very clean green design, evil enough to be distinguish between olive green friend or communist foe. There are many things to like about this crazy character, depending on the time you were staying up late to read comics (some of us still do). Being a WWII junkie and Captain America fan, Red Skull became an easy Nazi you love to hate. He admired Hitler for his ideological vision, but grew tired of being his subordinate. Let's see where this Mezco Red Skull falls as a legit one:12 figure. 
  • Classic green jumpsuit with Hydra band on his left arm 
  • 2 Detailed head portraits 
  • Classic body with over 30 points of articulation 
  • Classic era looking flamethrower 
  • Nice touch with the cosmic cube
  • The neck is a flesh color and would have preferred the same red tone that was used on his head
 Red Skull comes in the new standard exclusive comic con Mezco box packaging that no longer includes artwork on the inside of the box. Mezco has changed it up a bit and started using smaller boxes for their exclusive figures, but I think both the smaller boxes and normal size boxes work just fine.
In the time I spent playing and posing Red Skull I didn't experience any issues with him. The stitching in his uniform is clean with no frays. The Hydra arm band was a necessary detail to really add to his look.  He comes with his blaster with a Hydra holster that doesn't interfere with the flamethrower belt.  The flamethrower accessory is hands down my favorite part of this figure.  It's well made and has an authentic look that I love.  The belt and tubing also hold up well when posing and while taking it on and off.  When Red Skull is fully geared up he oozes that look of a nasty Nazi WWII mercenary.
This figure actually surprised me once I had it in my hands.  I was excited when he was announced to add him to my Mezco collection. I just didn't think I would like him this much.  I purchased both versions of Red Skull that Mezco has released and I like them both for different reasons.  He's never been my favorite villain, but Mezco has brought him to an accurately detailed form. If you have the chance to grab either version of Mezcos Red Skull I would not hesitate on picking him up. Let us know what you think of this Marvel villain maniac in the comments below!
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