Friday, November 17, 2017

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Superman Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Superman
When most people hear Superman they think of the 80's movies and Christopher Reeves. I tend to think about my classic Kenner Super Powers figure I owned as a kid.  This version of Mezco's Superman really reminds of that Super Powers version from head to toe. He may have some flaws, but he still has that classic look and feel.  Let's find out if Mezco's Superman was worth the wait.
  • Superman comes with 2 face sculpts
  • Over 32 points of articulation
  • 3 pairs of different hands
  • 2 unique pose able chains
  • Bottled city of Kandor accessory
  • Unique ricochet bullets that attach magnetically to the S on his chest!
  • Chain and Cape posing clips
  • The red eyes head sculpt looks poorly painted
  • Some seams in the legs had pulls out of the box
  • S symbol hangs over at the bottom and is not flush with his body
Superman comes in the standard Mezco box packaging with a nice piece of artwork on the inside of the box.  When you open the box he is displayed in window packaging revealing everything he comes with including his stand.  Mezco's packaging is always a highlight with any figure you buy from them. Mezco has changed it up a bit and started using smaller boxes for their exclusive figures, but I think both look great.
At first glance Superman looks very clean and sharp with no obvious flaws. His body type is very stocky and even a little short for what I think Superman should be.  There were a few changes made as the figure was being produced that could really go either way depending on your preference. The figure did have a few slight pulls in the fabric stitching on his upper thighs right out of the box.

Superman's cape, belt, and speedo all went through some work along with his alternate head and the S symbol on his chest. The final result of all of these changes are good not great.  The S symbol on his chest sticks out at the bottom and doesn't give the flush body look. The cape around the neck is a little too exposed for my liking, but it still looks good.  I think they went a little light with the paint applications on Superman's alternate head, and the speedo/belt look average.
This is a figure we waited a very long time to get, but was it worth it in the end? I really like the figure. Despite it being a little short it has that overall Superman look I was hoping for. I like his primary face sculpt a lot, and his overall suit is pretty classic. If you get your chance to get this figure I wouldn't pass it up.  I mean he is Superman afterall! He will look really nice with the rest of your Mezco collection.
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