Monday, March 6, 2017

Mezco Toyz SDCC Exclusive One:12 Collective Captain America Review

Mezco Toyz Captain America
When it comes to characters I tend to lean towards the ones that carry guns.  Mezco's SDCC version of Captain America doesn't come with a gun, but he sure as hell packs a mean punch.  There are many versions out there of CAP, but the classic look has always been my favorite.  Even though Captain America doesn't come with a gun, but he has grenades and his signature shield to do his dirty work.  Let's take a closer look at a true icon from Marvel that Mezco gets just right. 
  • Super articulated body with over 32 points of articulation
  • Highly realistic fabric classic uniform 
  • Detailed costume accents including belt, gloves and boots
  • Includes magnetic attachments for harness and shield
  • Classic style masked and unmasked Steve Rogers portrait

  • Captain America can feel a little top heavy when you are trying to pose him without the stand

The SDCC version of Captain America comes in a metal tin with the classic star right in the middle of the can.  Inside you will find a cover piece that is a hologram of Steve Rodgers similar to his look when he is placed into the transformation machine.  Under this cover piece revels a black tray with Captain America and all of his accessories.  Mezco really made this a unique piece compared to the normal window box packaging they use.
If you like figures with great articulation and detail then Mezco is making the perfect figures for you.  Captain America is highly detailed from top to bottom, and he looks perfect.  The body is well made and provides plenty of poses and looks for you to choose from.  He comes with lots of different hands, 2 grenades, and his classic shield.  The shield is awesome, it uses magnets to stay in place, and really helps when you are trying to pose him.  The one thing I would of liked to see him come with is a gun, but that is a slippery slope with Captain America as people are always split on if he should have a gun.
Mezco has made a few versions of Captain America, but I really wanted the one with that classic look.  Since he is an exclusive he will cost a little more and may be harder to find.  I believe Mezco currently still has him listed for purchase on their main website  If you are looking for a more modern version of Captain America they are available and a little cheaper to buy.  No matter which version you choose of Captain America you know you are getting a quality figure and product made by Mezco.

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