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New York Toy Fair 2017 Recap & Photo Gallery

New York Toy Fair 2017
Last Saturday we made the trek up for our third New York Toy Fair at the Javits Center. Those who go to Toy Far know that it is either snowing or extremely frigid and windy every year. This year was a pleasant exception with a mild and sunny day.

We saw all kinds of great stuff from all different toy companies. Our first appointment of the day was with Project Manager of Mezco Toyz, Pierre Kalenzaga. We spent most of the time discussing the amazing One:12 Collective line. We got to see in person all of the new figures they debuted at their media event that was held the week prior to Toy Fair. From talking with Pierre we know that Mezco is going to continue to branch out with this line. The addition of Popeye and the Dawn of the Dead figures are proof of that. Not only that, but most figures will get some sort of variants made. For example, we learned that Deadpool and Wolverine will both be getting two variants different from the versions of them that were already shown. The classic version of Punisher with white gloves and boots is still planned to be released in the future. We can't wait to see what else Mezco Toyz has in store for us. They are killing it with the One:12 Collective line.

Our next appointment of the day was with Director of Product Development for NECA TOYS, Randy Falk. Our Toy Fair walkthroughs of the NECA booth with Randy have become the highlight of our annual Toy Fair trips. We get to see all the brilliant new figures they have planned for the first half of the year, but more importantly we get to just hang out and talk with a good friend. We all live busy lives so it's always great to catch up when we can.

As soon as we walked in we immediately saw the new DC/ALIEN figures. They are a thing to behold. When Randy began talks over a year ago to make the comic Superman vs Ali figures happen it led to these figures being able to happen as well. It's an intricate process as it involves several licenses (FOX, WB, DC, Dark Horse), BUT Randy found a way to make it happen. Once he has his mind set on something he usually finds a way to make it happen...even if it takes years to come to fruition.

Another thing to note is the expansion of the quarter scale line. We got to see all four Turtles together in person and they are flawless. I've been waiting for these guys since I was 6 years old. The sculpts and paint are beautiful. They got every last detail on these guys such as Raph's scar and adding a Pork Rinds accessory to Mikey. Brilliant! On top of that the Baby Turtles from the movie were on display. They will be coming out in the future. NECA is still deciding on how they want to offer them...2 pack vs 4 pack.

Other notables quarter scale figures on display were the newly released Catwoman, Penguin, Dr. Strange, Civil War Captain America, a comic version of Daredevil, Freddy Krueger, and a T2 Terminator. With how well NECA did with the Deadpool I am quite happy and not the least bit surprised to see them continue on with the comicverse. Who knows what will be next? Another thing I would like to point out is the materials used on Dr. Strange's cape. Pictures just do not do it justice. The inside has a fantastic lining and has a bendable wire for shaping it. Lastly, please check out the pics for the T2 Terminator. It's a thing of beauty and is jam-packed with accessories. We are a big fan of weapons so this will be a must buy.

Also, we can't forget the awesome ALIENS and Predator stuff coming out. We saw the latest Predator wave which is out NOW as well the Dark Horse Broken Tusk, Ultimate City and Jungle Hunters, and the PREDATOR 30th anniversary assortment. On the ALIENS side we saw the ALIENS accessory pack with Sentry Guns, Lambert, VGA Pink XENO, light blue Xeno, a Defiance Xeno and more!

Other things of note: More Godzilla is on the way (Atomic Blast is really cool, btw). That's always a good thing. Horror fans will be happy to see a 30th Anniversary Evil Dead II 2 pack, a retro Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Leatherface,  a retro Chucky, an Ultimate Part 4 Jason, and the Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors puppet are all in the works. There is also the Ultimate Gizmo and Spike with Uzi from Gremlins coming. Video game fans will be happy to see three new Team Fortress 2 figures and Heroes of the Storm figures. Lastly, we saw the two Preacher figures which will come out closer to when the show starts back up again on AMC, the next series of Rocky figures (along with very cool Rocky and Micky puppet replicas based on the extremely popular 90's Brisk Iced Tea commercial), more retro Christmas figures (one from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and two from A Christmas Story).

I could go on and on about what we saw, but I will leave it here for now. Remember two things. This is just what NECA is planning for the first half of this year AND this is also without showing anything from Alien: Covenant or Blade Runner 2049. Between all of this and the news about the ALIEN Club NECA is now offering fans should be extremely satisfied!

Check out the pictures below:
Neca Toys

Ultimate Display Stand
Action Figures

1/4 TMNT




1/4 Scale

More NECA!


Mezco Toyz

SH Figuarts and Bluefin
Storm Collectibles

Good Smile 

Four Horsemen Studios


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