Friday, March 17, 2017

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Joker Review

Mezco Toyz Joker
The Joker is such a unique character that has been presented in many different looks and with different weapons over the years.  Whether you are a fan of the movie, comic, or cartoon versions there is a Joker out there for you.  I can tend to be a little picky with certain characters (Joker being one of them) and decide to pass if he doesn't have the look I want.  Enter Mezco's version of the Joker with his slick, classic look...I decided he was the version I wanted! Let's take a closer look at Mezco's version of the classic Joker.

  • Super articulated body with over 32 points of articulation
  • 2 highly detailed face sculpts
  • Classic, long barreled revolver and chatter teeth
  • Yellow Joker themed socks
  • Joker playing card
  • Comes with very little accessories, but is priced accordingly 
The Joker comes in the standard Mezco box packaging with a nice piece of artwork on the inside of the box.  When you open the box he is displayed in window packaging revealing all that he comes with along with his stand.  Mezco's packaging is always a highlight with any figure you buy from them.
The Joker is well made. He sports a purple suit with the ability to remove his jacket exposing his white arms and short sleeve shirt.  I listed he doesn't come with many accessories in the cons. However, the revolver, chatter teeth, and the hand that holds the Joker card compliment him perfectly. He is highly poseable and a very detailed figure from top to bottom.
If you are a fan of Mezco Toyz, or a fan of the Joker then this is a figure you will want to pick up.  I love that he has a nice classic look to him and fits the theme of many other Mezco figures. His head and hands are easily changeable and durable which is always the case with Mezco.  If you are just getting into collecting, or love the whole DC character line then take a closer look at the Joker and the other upcoming figures coming from Mezco.  They are breaking the mold, making high quality figures at an affordable price compared to 1/6 scaled figures.
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