Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mezco Toyz Exclusive One:12 Collective Dredd and Lawmaster Set Review

Mezco Toyz Dredd and Lawmaster Set 
Who exactly is Judge Dredd?  Joseph Dredd is a future law officer in Mega-City One.  His role is to be a "street judge", to arrest, convict, sentence and (best of all) execute criminals. In Mega-City One, he is the top of all the Street Judges, just waiting for the chance to execute those who do not obey the law.  Dredd was once offered the job of Chief Justice, but refused the position to continue to be Judge, Jury, Executioner.  There are many layers to this character, and the foes he faces in the not too distant future. Dredd has no fear, and is a deadly force to any enemy that crosses his path.  Let's take a closer look at Mezco's exclusive Dredd and Lawmaster.
  • Exclusive dark blue suit with black helmet
  • Figure is extremely well made
  • Highly detailed with realistic look and weapons
  • Magnets are used to keep parts of his accessories in place
  • Great articulation
  • Lawmaster comes with sound effects and 3 separate areas of lighted features
  • This is a fantastic set and I have no complaints
The Mezco Dredd and Lawmaster come together in an exclusive box set.  The outside provides different looks and angles of the exclusive Dredd and Lawmaster.  Inside the Lawmaster is packaged separately from the figure which I really appreciate it.  Dredd comes in a white box but still includes a normal tiered clam shell you would see when you open any other boxed Mezco figures.
Figure and Lawmaster
Dredd comes with magnetic shoulder pads and badge.  The outfit has a real leather feel to it, and the details on the boots, belt, from head to toe give you that look you know from the comics.  He has great articulation that allows you to utilize many different poses with ease.  He stands well on his own, but he also comes with an amazing stand with the Judge symbol on it. The unique dark blue suit looks even better in person, and it matches the dark blue Lawmaster perfectly.  The Lawmaster is a well made bike with great sound effects and light up features that a 80's kid like me loves. The Dredd figure fits perfectly on the bike, and the Lawmaster includes a pair of hands just for the bike.
Dredd is armed with a  Lawgiver pistol that is programmed to recognize only his palm print.  The Lawgiver allows for 6 types of ammunition. This is maybe the coolest thing about the Judges.  He also includes a day stick, a knife, 2 stun grenades, handcuffs, extra ammo clip, 6 pair of hands and an excellent stand. The Lawmaster is all one piece with the ability to store accessories in the back of the bike.  
I love the character Judge Dredd and this figure and Lawmaster have exceeded my expectations. They are well made, very detailed and a great vehicle/figure combo set to play with.  If you love the movies or the comic books or just collect very cool action figures this one is for you.  Check out our pictures and let us know what you think of Mezco's Exclusive version of Dredd and the Lawmaster!
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