Friday, June 24, 2016

NECA TOYS ROCKY 40th Anniversary Series 1 Review (ROCKY III)

Prediction: PAIN

NECA TOYS has started releasing their Rocky figures, and they look fantastic. Many people missed out on the first Rocky figures so this is the perfect way for many of the newer fans and collectors to catch up on this series without having to deal with the scalpers on eBay! While three of the figures are re-releases one of them is all new, but we will get to that later.

Series One of the Rocky 40th Anniversary line is based on the iconic ROCKY III. Debating Rocky films is fun because everyone has a different favorite. The purists love I and II while some of the "younger" (and I use that term loosely) seem to love III and IV. Rocky III was the first of the series to move away from the original story line, and made the series a little more fun and "Hollywood" for lack of a better term. Sylvester Stallone helped kickstart the careers of both Mr. T (Clubber Lang) and Hulk Hogan (The Ultimate Male: Thunderlips). Although, there isn't a Thunderlips figure yet I am hoping one day the Hulkster will see the light and come to an agreement with NECA.

The packaging comes in a collector friendly, resealable window box. It is in the colors associated with Rocky III, black and gold. The gold is in nice and shiny foil. The back of the box features the promo art from the movie (which the new figure is based off) as well as pictures of the rest of the figures in this series at the bottom.

Word is the packaging for Series 2 (which was recently announced and will focus on Rocky IV) will have red packaging. I'm looking forward to that series as well. I will be buying anything and everything Rocky that NECA produces.

This series includes four figures in total. Two of Clubber Lang and two of Rocky Balboa. There is a Clubber from the first fight where he wears the blue trunks and a Clubber from the second fight with the black trunks. Each Clubber has a different head sculpt with different facial expressions. The blue trunks Clubber has an open mouth with exposed mouth guard where as the black trunks Clubber has an intimidating, closed mouth ice grill look.

The first Rocky is the gold trunk and gloves clad one from the first fight. Just like both Clubber Lang's he is an updated reissue of the highly popular original Rocky Series NECA did a few years back. The second Rocky only briefly appeared in the film, but the promotional posters and art for the movie had this Rocky in it. This figure is actually my personal favorite from this series. He is rocking the black trunks with yellow trim. He also has an extra accessory that puts him over the top...something we've all been dying to have, the World Heavyweight Title Belt from the films! 

These are just fantastic figures. We had no issues with any of them and there really isn't a con about them that I can think of. The sculpts, likenesses, paint, and added accessory are all top notch. As always NECA paid close attention to detail and made this film accurate (and promo art accurate). We love Rocky I-IV as they all have a special place in our hearts. However, since we were both born in the 80's Rocky III and IV will always be our favorites. I know that is sacrilege to those who prefer the original two films, but remember we were kids when these came out. These figures bring us right back to our favorite decade, the 80's. Once again NECA is the master of nostalgia and taking us back to the awesome days of our childhood.

If you haven't bought these yet then do it now. You won't want to miss them for a second time!

Fresh Figures still has the gold trunk Rocky left in stock...and he's marked down too. Grab him while you can. For the rest of them you can find that at all of the usual toy retailers.

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Samples provided by NECA TOYS 


  1. Great review and photos! I'm waiting for my Rocky to arrive. I need to pick up Clubber Lang as well. I'm so glad NECA decided to release these again. I missed out the first time around.

    1. Yes, I'm glad they did as well. I missed first time around and have been wanting these for a while. I can't wait for Series 2...ROCKY IV!