Friday, May 27, 2016

NECA TOYS Series 15 AVP Predators Review

NECA Series 15 AVP Predators

Ancient Warrior - Temple Guard - Masked Scar

NECA TOYS has followed up their wildly popular and successful AVP line with three new additions to the family. Last time they brought us Chopper, Celtic, and Scar Predators. This time we get Ancient Warrior, Temple Guard, and a Masked Scar!

  •  Once again, NECA has used the new AVP body molds.
  •  Still the best Predator figure articulation to date. (Over 30 Points)
  •  Plenty of accessories
  •  Hands are interchangeable and well made.
  •  Paint scheme of each Predator is spot on and extremely well done.
  •  Ancient and Temple have a unique paint scheme that pops
  •  Scar comes with a extra hand that allows him to hold a weapon

  • A little issue with tight joints, so be careful when first opening


The packaging is the normal packaging we have grown accustomed to with NECA Predator figures. It comes with an AVP insert and each figure has a detailed bio card on the back. Besides the actual figures themselves the bios are my next favorite thing about these. I love getting a closer look into the background of each character from the Predator Universe.


We said this in the last AVP series review, but it's worth mentioning again that these new Predator bodies are fantastic! They are hulking 8.25" in size. The quality, bulk, articulation are all great. It is certainly an improvement over the past Predator bodies. I'd like to see these used as often as possible where it makes sense and fits in.

It is difficult for me to pick a favorite out of the three figures. My favorite thing about this series is that the armor for each on of them is a different shade of color. The color is not in your face but just enough to make you notice. It's a very cool thing that helps differentiate each figure. Masked Scar has the normal colored armored, while Temple Guard has a reddish copper tint, and the Ancient Warrior has a bluish tint. The little details like this make all the difference to me, and I appreciate them. Each predator has a different bio-mask, weapons, trophies, wrist gauntlet, and plasma casters as well. They also include a clip on their back to hold the staff.


I love these figures. Not only are the bodies perfect, but these come with a ton of accessories. They essentially come with the same amount of goodies that the Ultimate figures do.  There is no shortage of weapons to choose from to equip your Predator so that he can stalk his prey or battle Xeno's. We had a lot of fun opening them, posing them, switching out weapons, and photographing them. You get a lot of bang for the buck with these so don't miss out!

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Samples provided by NECA TOYS