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NECA TOYS The Terminator Tech Noir T-800 Review

Tech-Noir T-800
The "Tech Noir" club is fictional  of course and was set up just for the scene in The Terminator.  However, during filming people on the street wanted to get in not realizing it was not a real club.  I think the people that wanted to get in changed their minds after seeing the movie.  This figure encompasses more than just the club scene, and I think this is a classic part that resonates with everyone.  Arnold melts the bouncers hand and proceeds to mow down anyone in his way of killing Sarah Connor.
  • Comes with 3 unique head sculpts that capture the look of the T-800
  • Has 3 guns right out of the movie 
    • Uzi 9 mm
    • 12 gauge shotgun
    • .45 long slide with laser sighting 
    • Sorry, no phased plasma rifle in 40-watt range (only what you see)
  • Damaged arm with 2 sets of clamps
  • Good waist and leg articulation

  • Lack of articulation in elbow joints

The packaging comes in the Ultimate window box format with a beautiful movie poster cover.  NECA always gets the packaging right, and this time is no different.  The inside of the box shows a clear picture of him on the street holding a shotgun similar to an early scene from the movie.  The back of the box has a few unique figure shots with Terminator coding specs in the top left. The presentation for this figure just can't get any better. It's spot on, and you will see it a mile away in your local store. 

NECA always has highly anticipated items coming out, but this is one I especially couldn't wait to have in my hands.  I never had the earlier versions made of this figure and considered this figure a must own for me.  The figure itself looks authentic with a real chain on the shoulder. The paint apps are spot on from the movie.  The only thing that was a little frustrating was the lack of movement in the elbows. His waist, hips, knees all have great articulation, but the elbows can limit some of the poses you are going for.  Even with this minor issue I still love this figure and everything that comes with it.  

The NECA Ultimate figures are never short on extras accessories, and of course this figure is no different.  He comes with three different guns, an extra damaged arm, two clamps, and an extra hand.  The point of the Ultimate figures is to give you many different looks with just one figure.  Previously, you would have to buy three different versions to get each unique look where as now you have the ability to get that with one figure. 
I am very happy with this Ultimate Tech Noir Terminator. He is authentic looking and screen accurate. He also comes with plenty of accessories which give you multiples options and different looks that keep the figure fresh and fun.  It's a figure I will most likely buy another of since it comes with so many great pieces.  Let us know what you think of this fantastic figure!

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