Friday, December 18, 2015

NECA TOYS Ultimate Sarah Connor Review

NECA Toys Ultimate Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor, the mother of the free world.  Sarah may be the best female action character of all time, even better than Lt. Ripley.  OK, you can frown and shout at the screen after reading that sentence, but it's my honest opinion.  The evolution of Sarah through Terminator 1 and 2 really shows how strong and relentless she is.  Terminator 2 has four main characters, and all of them bring their own unique back story to the movie.  Sarah shows she can break out of a prison, outsmart guards and even kick some ass when needed.  Her character is of equal importance to that of the T-800, and to see the two of them work together and the evolution of Sarah throughout the movie is awesome.  By the time Sarah has met up with her friends and geared up to take out Miles Dyson and Cyberdyne, she is one bad ass bitch! This figure created by NECA captures her from that moment on in the movie, fighting for what she believes is freedom and to change the future.  One of my favorite lines… "There's no fate but what we make for ourselves."

·                     First ever highly detailed version of Sarah Connor.
·                     Plenty of articulation to move and pose her in many ways.
·                     All 3 of Sarah's heads have amazing sculpts and look fantastic.
·                     Paint and joints look and work great.
·                     Accessories are movie accurate and fit her well.
·                     At first it is a little difficult to change heads, but I believe that is me                            being cautious

            The packaging follows the T-800 look from the Terminator Ultimate line. The picture on the front of the box captures an iconic scene right before Sarah goes ballistic!  The back of the box gives a great summary and excellent pictures of Sarah Connor that gives you lots of ideas for your imagination.  When you open the box, it shows another excellent picture of the figure along with a beautiful window display of all the amazing pieces that come with this figure.

The details are amazing, the sunglasses look is by far my favorite look for Sarah.  All parts of the figure are painted perfectly, the joints are stiff to hold poses, and her weapons are new molds that look fantastic! There were no issues with leg breaks, or paint rubs while swapping pieces or bending joints. 

            Sarah Connor comes with many accessories, all needed to show her different looks throughout the movie.  The figures comes with all of the accessories listed below. 
·         3 Different Heads
·         Shotgun
·         Pistol
·         Scoped M-4 Rifle
·         Knife


            In my opinion, NECA has taken it to another level giving us the iconic Sarah Connor we have always wanted. The Ultimate line allows you to play, change, and be creative to bring out the look you really want from this figure.  Sarah fits that mold, and provides endless ideas on how to pose and play with her!  If you are on the fence, don't be, she is a must by for any action figure fan!


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