Monday, April 13, 2015

NECA Toys Scavage Predator Review

NECA Toys Scavage Predator Review

The Scavage predator is a loner, because he trusts no one!  When the series 13 Predators wave was released I would say Scavage was probably the one I liked the least.  After opening all 3 predators from the series there was one thing in common, I liked them all.  Series 13 really is a sharp and distinct line of predators that NECA has released.  All three are made well, pose well, and are very fun to take pics and play with.  That being said, lets now focus on Scavage who was a pleasant surprise once he was in my hands!  I really like the paint, weapons, mask, and the entire look of this predator.  So let's dig into the details of this distrustful, loner, SOB!

So by now if you have been getting the predators line based off the 90's Kenner line you will have noticed the distinct card that comes with these predators. I have also noticed that the predators are snug in the packaging with the plastic staying glued to the backer.  The back of his card explains that he is a loner, respects and trusts no one and sometimes hunts with his hound!  Once again each predator profile is fun to read and helps fills in holes in your predator universe.

Scavage has a real nice feel to him in your hands.  The joints move smoothly along with his hands and his head to go along with his insane look.  I was able to move all joints with no issues right out of the box and posed him in a bunch of different ways to get a feel for him.  I generally do this with any new figure I get, so I have an idea later down the road who can do what.  I love the mask he comes with. Either look really shows the details of this great predator. It is so tough to choose what to pose him with.

The figure comes with an awesome staff that has a skull on the top and also the normal shoulder cannon. The blades on his arm are different from the usual ones and are very long so he can thrash his enemies.  I know his mask isn't a weapon, but I really like it and it adds to the look and feel of the figure.


Scavage is another welcome addition to my predator clan!  He is made well, looks great, and is definitely worth buying and adding to your collection of NECA's predator's.  I would highly consider picking up all three predators from Series 13!


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