Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Turdsday and Hasbro made the list..

Hey everyone!!! This is Dixel Pan!!! Nahhh, it's not's Steve and Jon!  Today is Thursday and it's time to discuss the phatty turd dropped by Hasbro over the past week.  Hasbro decided to release all of your least favorite GI JOE items in colors that make the Toxo-Warriors look super dope.  Hasbro has been letting the GI JOE line slip through their finger tips for a while now.  They had a great idea with the 25th anniversary figures and vehicles that all mostly looked like upgrades.  

Now after the 25th anniversary line came, many more lines followed (between the movies and other ideas Hasbro had).  This brings me to their announcement this week of a crap load of TURDS!  The majority of these repaints show zero originality and leaves me with NO desire to buy these turds.  

Desert Duel

Swamp Steam 2pk\

So Thank YOU, HASBRO!  Thank you for providing all of us fans with colors that look like our dog barfed on our GI JOE's!  I always wanted a RED alligator to go with my Green one.  Yes, that is a vomit yellow and green Blowtorch...and if you really want to buy him just wait about 6 months when he is marked down to$1.00 at TRU.

I love GI JOE and generally buy anything that is made for this line.  The majority of this repainted mess I will not be buying this time.  Someone on Twitter asked me what was announced and I said "Ah Repaints and um yeah repaints."  

Way to go Hasbro, thanks for releasing a nice TURD when I was already feeling kinda bloated.

Instead of announcing a 6" Black Series line, which fans WANT extremely bad they just give us this same old crap. It is sad to see this line dying, but that's what happens when those in charge neglect it so badly.

So in other words, this is what Hasbro thinks of you, loyal G.I. JOE fans...

YO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Happy Turdsday!

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  1. Ahh, so this is the second time I've heard a mention of a 6" GIJOE line. The Hasbro boys seemed aloof at the mention of it during an interview at JOE Con but didn't outright dismiss it either. I would fully support a GiJoe Black Series line. Oh and no, I will not be buying the Barf Brigade line! What's next? A Rattler in neon green?