Thursday, April 30, 2015

Turd of the Week: ReAction, ReAction What's Your Function?

I admit, I had the very same ReAaction the first time I saw ReAction figures in stores.

When ReAction figures first came out I knew they weren't for me, but I did think it was a cool idea. It was a neat homage to the old school figures of the 70's. Just basic figures with five points of articulation. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to get some of these old-style figures in lines that we only dreamed of having when we were growing up. For example, I dug the ALIEN figures they did (particularly the Chest Burster). 
Sadly, what started out as an original, fun idea morphed into a played out, blatant money grab by Funko. I can't say I really blame them. Making money is the name of the game in the business world after all. However, that doesn't change the fact the these figures are, for lack of a better word, turds.

The Alien figures made sense and fit right into the throwback idea they started out as. Now, they are just making these figures for any and all licenses that they can get their hands on (just like they do with the Funko Pop Vinyls). So they started out with Alien and then somehow came up with the brilliant idea of making throwback-style figures for current TV shows such as ARROW and FLASH. Uh huh. Makes zero sense. Again, the chance to cash in trumps common sense or making good products for the customers.

If that wasn't bad enough, they have also begun to come out with some super unoriginal figures. One clear example is ReAction's Heat Vision Predator figure. Hmmm...I wonder where they got that idea? It sure reminds me of NECA's Thermal Vision Dutch. So not only is it NOT original, but the idea of this figure makes zero sense! Is the Predator looking at himself in the mirror or what? This figure just leaves me asking, "what the hell are you?"

Lastly, and this is strictly my opinion, but these figures are WAAAAAY overpriced! I wouldn't pay five dollars for one of these let alone ten dollars. They have no functionality and no likeness. Essentially, they are a hunk of plastic. I would pay, maybe, $3.50 for one of these. Even then, these are only good for little kids who are going to take them outside and bury them or beat the living hell out of them.

Again, the idea at the beginning was a noble one, but it has now gotten ridiculous. There will now be a ReAction figure for every freaking single license they have. Honestly, who can blame them? As long as there are chumps out there shelling out their hard earned cash on these pieces of crap they will continue to suck out every last cent out of these while they can.

Happy Turdsday!

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