Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Turtle Turtle" Playmates Turd of the Week


This week's Turd definitely belongs to Playmates and their TMNT Mutations line.  Yes, all of us collectors know that the majority of their TMNT items are not made for us but for the kids that are going to just bash them together.  Playmates was making some progress with the larger classic TMNT line they created along with the movie Turtles.  There was even talk of making a Shredder and Krang for this line, but that was cancelled due to retail not wanting this product.  To think, after these two figures we could have had a Foot Soldier, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Splinter, and I can just keep going. 

So why is Playmates making these turds for figures?  Money... period.  The paint apps are not done well, and none of the figures look appealing to the people that loved the vintage TMNT.  Playmates is running out of ideas, as are a lot of toy companies...and now they are making these crappy Mutations figures.  I just can't see the fun in having a bunch of Frankenstein TMNT toys to play around with.  I will admit when I was a kid I wasn't using the same weapons that came with my figures, or maybe swapping a pair of legs or something.  This was all done in boredom. When you have been playing all day with your friends and you just feel like doing something different to your toys. 

So how do you feel about Playmates as a whole?  Do you like the turds being released, or are you craving third party figures like the Krang that will be released shortly by First Gokin.  I am a strong TMNT collector, but Jon's true number one love is TMNT, and I can tell you he isn't happy at all.  Over the past few weeks we have called out two companies that were once making classics that we loved but are now looking in the toilet after a #2 to get their ideas.  "Hey, look at that, I see a mutated Rocksteady and a few peanuts in the toilet, PERFECT!"  The more we write these weekly TURD articles the more I realize how bad things have gotten for all of us collectors.  Yes, we will always find something to buy, but will we ever like it as much as those classics we had as a kid?  Simple answer; NO. 

Playmates, you looked in the toilet and made a new toy line, you inspire me to use the bathroom as much as possible.  In fact, I am done writing this and going to release the next wave of Playmates turtles mutations line.

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