Monday, November 17, 2014

NECA Toys V2 Elder Predator Review

Finally, the NECA Elder Predator V2 has been released!  I found mine at a local TRU over the weekend and was going nuts about how cool he looked right there on the TRU floor.  The NECA section was stocked with so many great things. I also picked up the NECA Viper Predator.  So let's take a look at this bad ass toy that NECA has upgraded for all of us!

The packaging comes in the classic Predator 2 look just like all of the previous Predator 2 figures that have been released by NECA.  It comes with the machete, shoulder cannon, extra hand, and the gun.  The figure itself looks stunning...even just in the packaging!

The figure feels very sturdy in your hands.  The legs are fairly tight, the paint is very sharp, and the arms move pretty well.  It also has good quality hands that allow you to securely place any weapon you want in its hand.  You can definitely tell that the quality with the figures NECA is producing is getting better and better.  What a difference there is between the V1 and V2.  I don't have any pics of my V1, but it was much plainer and didn't stand out like this version does.  The face and dreads on the Elder immediately separate him from the rest. 

The main difference I see with the weapons is the Plasma Cannon has a different hinge on it that allows it to easily be taken on and off.  This was done, I believe, to prevent breaking which I see as another upgrade to the figure.  Also, he comes with the bloody classic machete and his old school gun he gives to Danny Glover at the end of Predator 2 as a reward for killing the City Hunter Predator.  I believe that scene may just be one of the craziest 10 minute segments I have ever seen in a movie!  The best part is that NECA brought us everything from that scene!!! 

This is an amazing figure that I have been waiting for!  The colors, articulation, and weapons all make this NECA Predator figure a must have to add to your collection!  Take a look at some final pics and let us know what you think of the figure!  You can also reach us @cobrashadowjoes on Twitter!!

Also, if you don't have it already you might want to consider getting the NECA Predator Trophy Wall because it compliments this figure PERFECTLY!

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  1. Another great review. I missed out on the first release so I made sure I didn't miss this one. This definitely is one of my all time favorite Predator figures.